we are moving particles of matter

vintage series: written by me on may 17, 2007

"Internet stalking? Who is really stalking who?

Me sitting here on my computer. You would know by looking online that I have been 'Facebooking' for about the last hour or so. Chatting, writing notes, tagging friends in photos, and checking my events and sh** like that. At work, when I log on in the morning, scripts run, and documents are recorded with times, dates, locations, ISP's, with IBM's all over the place. I recall 1984, the classic by George Orwell. I remember the book vaguely, which I may even recite by memory. I think I read only the 'Coles Notes' and still have the hardcover at Mums' house from the local public library circa 1998.

In a recent discussion, I came to the conclusion that anyone...government, organizations, the Internet, anyone could be stalking me right now. In the world I live in, I am run by the Internet and my computer. I rely on them for knowledge, weather, news, fashion, gossip, history, travel, alerts and everything else that I don't know yet but Google does, and, I'll tell you in a minute. I start to think further about the potential of this awareness of what I am actually doing, all the time.

The boys start talking as I come up with an idea. Imagine the government infused our blood with a specific DNA that is able to be seen and or tracked due to its scientific makeup. What a scary thought.

You could see what we are moving particles of matter."

Get inspired!! Do Something Good - RIGHT NOW ♥

OK. Contest closes today.

I'm ready to kick some ass in the Daily Challenge 'Do Gooder' Contest. I'm trying to win a camcorder so I can start video blogging. Daily Challenge is the worlds largest network of ' Do Gooders' and a media sponsor for the upcoming TwestivalTO.
Please take a couple minutes TODAY to vote for me and my story. It's about how my mum, sister and self served an afternoon meal to those without, followed by opening our home anyone alone to share our Christmas dinner. I only have 25 damn votes right now. I know I can win the unit with your loving vote.

Your five minutes of internet time
today is much appreciated!!

See you at
Twestival on Feb. 12!!

inspiring change through design and creation

I'm watching this inspiring documentary JonJon sent me. It is all about how waste is food and reducing the amount of waste created. Really interesting, and kind of long, but worth it. As a globe, our natural resources are increasingly becoming less and less available. If we find more ways to reduce, reuse and recycle the products we consume, we will have a more sustainable way of life.
They mention how we consistently take and take and do not give back. This needs change. I'm a big advocate for giving and living green. This documentary is really interesting, the innovation and sustainable development blows my mind. Now, the real challenge, getting the masses and corporations to change their manufacturing and energy usage.

New challenges arise every day and this is why you should be active and keep on learning. Have an awesome day!

tageriffic from down under

Last night I was talking with one of my mates in Palmerston North, New Zealand. A bunch of my wonderful family members live in that small but awesome city commonly referred to as 'Palmy'. This is James Wynne with a tag he did. So swift!

if you're canadian, sing it, sing it,

I sang or listened to our national anthem everyday while growing up. I learned it in both official languages. I still remember it and can sing it the way we used to, like half English half French. My parents grew up singing God Defend New Zealand. They did not grow up in Canada like I did. I have dual citizenship' but I live here and feel Canadian. New Zealand has two national anthems of equal standing - 'God Defend New Zealand' and 'God Save The Queen'.
The reason:

'National songs, ballads and hymns have a tendency to elevate the character of a people and keep alive the fire of patriotism in their breasts'. The Saturday Advertiser and New Zealand Literary Miscellany, 1 July 1876
Honestly, I think if you go to Canadian school and work in the Canadian economy and and choose to be Canadian, learn the fucking anthem as a kid in school. Some people in New Brunswick don't think so. In summary of you havent seen the news "principal's decision, eliminate tradition, singing O Canada, sparked outrage, parents, the country...heated debate...blah blah blah".

obama rockin' to single ladies

I saw this in ET last night and loved it. His name is Iman Crossman and he is known on YouTube as AlphaCat. He has a bunch of videos that are hilarious. His views are up in the millions and he is quite funny. You know I love darling Barry Obama and this guy is almost the next best thang yo!! It's amazing the viral effect that something like this can have. He told ET that he has some 'projects in the works' and I say good for him.

Watch the vid on youtube.

I wonder who I could do a video of? Any suggestions? Maybe...lady Gaga or Paris?

"Casie, if you weren't on the computer so much..."

In reference to the upcoming Twestival on Feb. 12 I posted the following message:

"1 in 6 peeps on earth don't have access 2 clean water. On Feb 12, 100+ cities around the world set out to change that. This is @Twestival via Twitter"

I received a personal message from an old friend that I have known for years who has quite an opinion on the subject. Here is what said:

"Casie, if you weren't on the computer so much, maybe that 1-6 in people who don't have fresh water, could have fresh water. The majority of the worlds fresh water is used for the use of hydro electric dams around the world and with the global demand for energy much of that fresh water is diverted from the areas needed. This whole green fad pisses me off, cause half the people who preach about this shit, spend their entire lives in front of a computer....Just some food for thought, i'm probably coming off like a dick, but I've spent my entire life protecting the natural environment and I get pissed off when people don't do there homework or talk about shit they have no business talking about. In my opinion this world is worse due to Facebook, internet and everything else that goes with it, people preech about bringing the world together in unity, if you do research throughout history, it will lead to great demise...Both biologically and socially....Just think about mono cultural of plant and trees species, when one gets infected by a virus or disease the whole field goes...the whole crop or plantation is destroyed...Same goes with the human geno...Just some thoughts for you to think about....Not trying to be a dick!!...Hope your well"

It's nice to know I have friends who care more about the environment than the internet. No, I don't think you are a dick. I think you are awesome and all the hard work you have done it fantastic. My job by day and by night involves the internet but I am making a conscious effort to save energy in other ways. Thanks for sharing caring!! ♥

why pay for school when you can educate for free

I have a confession to make and am doing it publicly for education's sake. I went to university and college over 4.5 fun filled years. I am a big fan of education and educate myself every single day. While I was in post secondary school, I rarely bought any books. I learned most the stuff I needed to pass class online; yes from the Internet. This is the library I where I used to hang out.
By doing this I saved money for other important things which I am sure you can imagine. I also chose which classes I attended very carefully; the mandatory ones with attendance and quizzes. Be careful if you choose to take this route, it can be dangerous, it involves a lot of self-motivation and self-study that other people just don't actually 'see' happening. In other words, I got into a few scraps with several students over how the hell I got the grade with no books while skipping class. It takes work. That's how I did it.

My thirst for knowledge has always run strong and this carried me through school. Stay tuned into things you like, follow your passions. One of my dear friends sent me this great vid called Five Minute University. Law School sounds like an option for me I reckon. Enjoy!

Year of the Ox Brings Good Luck & Obama

On the Western calendar the start of the Chinese New Year falls today and marks the The Year of the Ox. I'm wishing all my Chinese friends and readers a Happy New Year!

In my office we are having a catered buffet of Chinese food for lunch. I am absolutely starving so I'm counting down the minutes. Just looking at this picture makes my tummy rumble!!
Famous studs who are born in Ox years: Johann Sebastian Bach, Napoleon Bonaparte, Charlie Chaplin, George Clooney, Walt Disney, Anton Dvorak, Clark Gable, George Frideric Handel, Oscar De La Hoya, Richard Nixon, Barack Obama, Aishwarya Rai, Wayne Rooney, Vincent Van Gogh

I'm Glamorous. Yes, I am.

Last week I received a package from my friends at Matchstick Marketing once again. This time it was...a L'Oreal Paris Glam Kit!! OOOH YEAH! I was totally surprised by the huge size of the actual mascara unit. It was bigger than any type I have ever tried, resembled a sex toy a little bit! Well, that's what my roommate, sister and I thought.
The kit came with the following jazz:
  • 2 x L'Oréal Paris Double Extension Beauty Tubes Mascara
  • 1 x L'Oréal Paris Cosmetic Bag
  • 1 x L'Oréal Paris Cosmetic Brush Set
  • 1 x L'Oréal Paris Eye Shadow Quad in Grey
  • 1 x L'Oréal Paris Carbon Black Liquid Liner
  • 1 x Guide to Smokey Eyes
I took the liberty of capturing all the steps in using the mascara. I expected it to make me look more like a Glam babe, I'm talking Oscar worthy. I've used it a few more times since this first application and don't mind it, but is not my most favorite. My lashes are actually quite long so it makes them kinda butterfly-eyeish. I think I need more practice or a lesson.
I found it to be kinda chunky. Maybe I didn't follow the instructions right? I do that sometimes. My friend Marie loves it. The mascara retails for $14.99 and I have coupons for $5 bones off the regular price for anyone who wants to try it out! Let me know before you buy your next mascara!!

what make? who says?

I'm watching a Beautiful Mind on Diva.

Every time I watch this movie I feel a special connection to it. I have many times throughout my life felt like an outsider because of the way I thought about things. It has always been different than anyone else since I was a wee little lady. Mum said I used to pick out all my own outfits and match them my own way, I used to make art that was beyond my years too. I remember Mum getting into a fight with my grade 8 art teacher because she hid my work in her office and when Mum went to buy it in the art sale, it wasn't there. This is all interesting but my question is, what really defines a genius? A test? A way of thinking? Being really good at something?

A genius is a person who successfully applies a previously unknown technique in the production of a work of art, science or calculation, or who masters and personalizes a known technique. A genius typically possesses great intelligence or remarkable abilities in a specific subject, or shows an exceptional natural capacity of intellect and/or ability, especially in the production of creative and original work, something that has never been seen or evaluated previously. Traits often associated with genius include strong individuality, imagination, uniqueness, and innovative drive. [Source: Wikipedia.]

the lake looks icy cold

I can see Lake Ontario from my window and let me tell you, it looks damn cold ,nearly frozen. I was feeling quite chilly myself and went for a dip in my pool. The water was surprisingly warm and since it is enclosed in glass, the sun was shining brightly. Perfect for a lazy Sunday! Thanks to American Apparel for the suit. It's evening and I'm watching Thomas Crown Affair on FOX. God, I love this movie. It just started!! Woo Hoo!

Tweeps - The Festival is Coming!

I'm excited to announce that Twestival Toronto is just around the corner. It will be hosted at Circa on February 12th. If you don't know Twitter, seriously, get on it!! Join Toronto and 100 other cities around the world for a global party that will help save lives. All the proceeds from Tickets go to charity:water. "Over the last few years Twitter has gained popularity, function, and millions of fans around the world. More importantly its provided unprecedented accessibility and a sense of community between people who would otherwise remain strangers." I am on the PR team to help out with the festival, if you would like to share ideas or get involved, let me know.

This is a fascinating video about charity:water. If you have tips on saving water you can Tweet with the hashtag #savewater to join the discussion.

Check out the PSA below and imagine
what you would do without clean water.

button eye face

For the past hour I've been in a fantasy world on www.coraline.com. There are some interesting things in that world. I travelled into 'Other Mother' territory and buttoned my eyes shut. I made a brand new flower design in the magical garden and called it Casie Stewart. You can watch the trailer here. On the surface, this parallel reality is eerily similar to Coraline's real life, yet the people seem much better. It comes out Feb.6th.

remove ourselves from everyday life

Sometimes I want to escape. Sometimes I want to fly. Sometimes I want to hide away and not see anyone. Sometimes I want to see everyone. I am always different, yet always the same. My thoughts often change and move in different directions. My feelings go up and down and around the corner. My state of mind is a product of my thoughts and feelings.
I've been looking at a series of artistic photographs by Greg Stekleman. They all have a person removed and replaced with a drawing. Kinda like Tom Goes to the Mayor videos but cooler and more artistic. The guy in the one below is a stud. The couch is ugly but I barely even noticed.

where would you like to wake up tomorrow?

I just watched this video on Fifty People One Question. I like the site concept. They have asked two questions and received nine hundred and sixty-four responses from five hundred and thirty-one cities. It was quite lovely watching this video.

My answer: I'd like to wake up at Bondi Beach on Hall Street with my sister and a few of my best friends. It is beautiful there. It's summer, it's over 25 degrees Celsius and the forecast says sunny all week.

your chinese new year present

Monday is Chinese New Year. I wonder if I should send my old Chinese bf this card??

i used to have a cat

Hey name was Mooshu Manning. You may have her as a friend on Facebook, she was kinda popular for a while. We parted ways but every now and then I think about her. I came across this pic today and was reminded of how much personality she had going on when we used to hang out.
In unfortunate Cat News of the Week, my first cat, and longest standing pet was put down this week. Many people know C4, the cat with attitude. She was very old and not doing so well. So I send out a message to her - Rest In Peace kitty!! Now you can whine and dine all you like! MUAH!

and feeling healthy

May of us struggle with self image and how we see ourselves. We are constantly bombarded with images and advertisements about losing weight, shedding pounds and how to be healthier. I saw this card on PostSecret today and thought about how I am thankful. Over the years, despite always being pretty mini, I've struggled with self image and feeling like a fat ass.When I came home form Australia, I was barely 100 pounds. Any of my friends that saw me when I came home were like "what the fuck, where did you go? where are your boobs? you are too skinny!". It was not good or healthy. I now maintain a comfortable weight combined with eating healthy and regular. It takes really learning to love yourself and to be able to overcome a challenge. We are all strong and if you believe in yourself, you can do anything. I've done a bunch of things in my life that when I look back at, I feel proud. There is nothing like the feeling of joy when you set your mind on a goal and achieve it!!

Sending you all love and light.
Go take on the world!! xo

i'm feeling very excited today

I went to the AGO last night and heard some wonderful stories from the staff there. I am surprised by their extensive knowledge about the artwork. I had a man tell me the wonderful story of Daedalus and Icarus. I did not know this story and hearing it from someone who truly has a love for the art was beautiful. This photo is not the one in the AGO, however, I recommend you go check it out for yourself, the story, and the painting. I also found a secret study and that is all I am saying about that.

I have the afternoon off for a photo shoot which is always fun! You know I love having my picture taken! The temperature is warmer today than it has been all week and I'm feeling rays of sunshine. I'm heading out of town tomorrow to visit one of my longest standing BFF's. I'll be posting from Guelph, Ontario!

Here is a photo of me as an old 'Sexy Bag'.
It really makes me smile! Happy Friday all!!

it is surely time for change

I love living in Canada and being Canadian. When you look at our influence on the world and how we are perceived on a global scale, we really have alot to be thankful for. If you have travelled to any country other than here, you know how much people really love us Canadians. When I lived in Australia I used to often go through this conversation:
Aussie with attitude- "G'day, you American?"
Me - "No, I'm from Canada!"
Aussie with no attitude - "Great, wanna come for a beer?" (pronounced 'bear')
Me - "Great!" (thanking god I am from Canada not the US!)I am really proud of Ontario and our stance on being part of the electric car movement. If you haven't seen the news or heard about Better Place. I suggest you educate yourself. Here is an excerpt from the Better Place site regarding Ontario:

"Working with Better Place, the Province of Ontario has become the first in Canada to take a step toward sustainable transportation with electric cars powered by renewable energy, or Car 2.0. It’s a forward-looking move that reflects the provincial government’s commitment to create jobs, strengthen an economy where the car industry represents a quarter of all manufacturing output, and end the use of coal-fired electricity by 2014."

but wait...yes I do love them!

If you don't know Natalie Dee, let me introduce you to her:

Hello Blog, this is Natalie Dee! She is my favorite cartoonist. She draws cartoons and posts them everyday. I have been reading her stuff for years now. I think she is hilarious. These are a few recent ones but I also have a few fav's from the past that I just might bring out to blog to introduce to you. Her sence of humor is right up my alley.

proud to announce....

You can check out my amazing sister on the Raptors website. They have FINALLY put up all the girls pictures. Jenie has been dancing since the age of three and is very talented. This is her first year on the Raptors Dance Pak and I am so proud of her. She is also a model and actress. Talk about a triple threat!!! Watch for her on the court, she's a beauty sure to catch your eye.
Nice work sister!! Can't wait to come to the next game!!

dear doctor, please prescribe vacation

i'd like to stay home
and not wear pants
and not stand up
and not go out

laze around
in silence and
spend time with
my thoughts

spend time with
my thoughts

Bohemianism; Gypsy Queens

On Tuesday night I went to my friend Yossi's event Legacy @ Bohemian Embassy. It was pretty fun. I went with Tahnee and Sabrina after work. There was food for us all and complementary bevvy's. One of my favorites! We had a couple glasses and watched all the people. Another one of my favorite things, especially when you are there with your two BFF's.
There is one thing that needs to be mentioned - a fashion crime. There was a man who's face I have cropped out - god, I am so kind! At first sight, he is wearing a suit, however, let your eyes wander and you will see he was wearing ADIDAS PANTS!! Omg. I had a field day with this one. Sneaking his picture while talking amongst ourselves was quite amusing. Please, do not ever do this. I don't know how anyone would see this as appropriate attire. I have said my piece. Thank you for listening.

counting pennies?

Every morning before work I watch BT. Kevin Frankish is so funny. Today they mentioned that Honest Ed's is offering customers 'Depression Pricing'. All of the stuff at Ed's is priced so low!! I am talking like 10 cents and 25 cents yo. So, if you are feeling poor, scrape your pennies and go get some crap over there! You'll feel like a million bucks by only spending about $10.

so bright this month

bye bye bush, come to mama obama

With tomorrow being Obama';s big day I was snooping around and found some interesting stuff. There are heaps of 'Bye Bye Bush' themed things buzzing around. I've seen a few that really were quite good. The winner is surely Ritual Spa on King West. They sent out the following clever promotion:

In order to celebrate the inauguration of the new President of the United States of America, Barack Obama , Ritual is offering 20% off all Brazilian bikini waxes on inauguration day, Tuesday January 20th 2009. So say farewell fuzz, and bye bye Bush!!

I send it to a friend and we had a good chuckle over it. Thought you might enjoy it also! I found a 'Bye Bye Bush' game here that was kinda fun to play for about 15 seconds. You get to throw your show at Bush. There is also a site counting down to inauguration day titled byebyebush.org. It's ugly.

acting like a macro, tasks in sequence

Do you ever feel like the day is just passing by, slowly? You are going through the motions yet not really taking anything in? You smile, think, laugh even, yet you feel little to no emotion. You are not excited. You are floating and acting like a macro doing the same tasks in sequence as if you are programmed that way. Your output is routine, open your email & browse, plan the day, check Facebook, Twitter a bit, read a news article, send email, make phone call, check voicemail, walk to the kitchen, get a drink, send email, work on document, eat something; it all seems a blur.

I watched this video and felt a bit lost, peaceful and weightless. It is beautiful and creative. It inspired this post.

put the ketel on ice baby

I went to a Ketel One sampling event last week. It was fun. Thanks Ketel One. Here is the story, I wrote it down.

I arrived at Kultura as the
clock struck six.
I tiptoed to the top
and entered a door

starred 'special'.
I was sure
this was going to be
a great experience...