Mum loves Twitter Search

I just got off the phone with Mum and she was quite excited to say "Oh Casie, I just love that Twitter Search!". A big smile started shining brightly from my face.
Yesterday I sent a Tweet referencing the buzz about Twitter Search & it replacing Goggle Search for the most current news. Mum saw the Tweet on my blog and looked it up. Turns out, she, just like myself and many others now knows where to get the news as it happens, Twitter. Lately, I get all my news there in real time. Newspapers and many sites are reporting things the day after they happen. That's not good enough for me, I like to know the scoop first. I'm going to set Mum up this weekend on Twitter. She has alot of good advice and knowledge. Surely taught me well! I think she will be my next #followfriday recommendation.


Did you know that over a billion, YES A BILLION, people all over the world go without access to clean and safe drinking water everyday? That is 1 in every 6 people.
Today you will find an article about Twestival on page 3 of the Toronto 24 Hours newspaper. Twestival has been on CNN, BBC and all kinds of other networks around the world. The Toronto response has been great, but we need more people out for the cause! Toronto is one of the MOST online cities and we can totally show the other 180 global cities participating, that Toronto is a strong community. I know we can show up Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Moncton, Montreal and Vancouver by having a bigger party and raising more for the cause! We are looking to sell another 200 tickets! If you can't attend the event, purchase a ticket and show your support. Get them here!The Twestival is organized 100% by volunteers in cities around the world and 100% of the money raised from these events will go directly to support charity: water projects. Check out this vid featuring the woman behind Twestival TO, Sarah Prevette by Daily Challenge: