my parents used to watch this back in NZ

it is very funny and might just get stuck in your head

Rolf Harris is a legend!!!!!

i like stuff! i like stuff!

I got some goodies today.
They arrived in a big white gift bag with my name on it:
I opened the bag and much to my surprise was a beautiful 50ml Ange ou Demon eau de toilette, 200ml bath gel and for my special man a 50ml Pour Homme eau de toilette spray. How awesome! I love testing out new jazz and getting presents delivered too. Makes me very happy!
Ange ou Demon smells very soft and light. Not flowery or vanilla, I hate those smells. Its light enough that I could wear it all the time. It is not as strong as Hot Couture that I received a few months ago. I liked it also, but I reckon it's more evening wear. This one is quite delicate. I like it. ♥
Try it out for yourself while out holiday
shopping and let me know your thoughts.

winter workout

So, this winter I've decided to actually work out while hibernating instead of just sitting on my couch and dreaming of summer like I usually do. Fortunately I live in a condo where there are two gyms, a court, yoga studio and pool. I really haven't any excuse to be out of shape. My goal is to be the most fit I have ever been. I used to live in Australia at Bondi Beach, known as the most famous beach in the world. When you live in a place like that, you are surrounded by babes and beauties and you force yourself to be in shape. This however, was several years ago and I was running, surfing and doing regular yoga. I've been going to thew gym a few weeks and am starting to see results. I hid my face because I just came from the gym and before that just came from my sleep in my bed and look tired. The muscles are on their way!!

Just another day out of the ordinary...

some people are dull. some people are boring. some people do nothing. some people waste so much time talking about what they want to do that they never fucking do anything. some people sit on their asses and watch the world pass by never taking in the day.

some people...NOT Jon Dube. he is someone interesting. he is someone moving through each day making every little thing new again. refresh. renew. redesign. reinvent. he is rocking the boat and making a path for you to follow. its a guarantee if you live in toronto or have been downtown, you eyes have taken him in already.
"the free-ness of these clothes is what turned me on to volcom in the first place, well and all the innuendos you can make about "getting stoned".. but its the attention to detail and the creative freedom that seems to permeate everything their designers and collaborators touch.

check out his work and albums:
J'ai Le Bait: A journey through the thought process of crazy mixed up guy.