bye bye bush, come to mama obama

With tomorrow being Obama';s big day I was snooping around and found some interesting stuff. There are heaps of 'Bye Bye Bush' themed things buzzing around. I've seen a few that really were quite good. The winner is surely Ritual Spa on King West. They sent out the following clever promotion:

In order to celebrate the inauguration of the new President of the United States of America, Barack Obama , Ritual is offering 20% off all Brazilian bikini waxes on inauguration day, Tuesday January 20th 2009. So say farewell fuzz, and bye bye Bush!!

I send it to a friend and we had a good chuckle over it. Thought you might enjoy it also! I found a 'Bye Bye Bush' game here that was kinda fun to play for about 15 seconds. You get to throw your show at Bush. There is also a site counting down to inauguration day titled It's ugly.

acting like a macro, tasks in sequence

Do you ever feel like the day is just passing by, slowly? You are going through the motions yet not really taking anything in? You smile, think, laugh even, yet you feel little to no emotion. You are not excited. You are floating and acting like a macro doing the same tasks in sequence as if you are programmed that way. Your output is routine, open your email & browse, plan the day, check Facebook, Twitter a bit, read a news article, send email, make phone call, check voicemail, walk to the kitchen, get a drink, send email, work on document, eat something; it all seems a blur.

I watched this video and felt a bit lost, peaceful and weightless. It is beautiful and creative. It inspired this post.