he's just not that into who?

I went to see the movie this evening and, well, I get it. Guys don't mix their signals they just give you excuses for not being into you. For example, "You're too perfect", "Too successful/awesome", "I just got out of a relationship", "I'm not emotionally mature", "I need work on myself", blah, blah, bullshit. I guess its being considerate and saving a girls feelings, but maybe they are just too afraid to say it.
The movie was pretty good, not your average chick flick. Slight emotional roller coaster, yet realistic. Basically, if a guy doesn't either call/text/email/facebook/myspace/twitter/PIN/voicemail you, he is not interested. In our world there are so many forms of communication, why waste your time waiting for someone to reach you? Lesson learned - if they want to talk to you, they will. It mentioned how all those magical love stories your friends tell you to make you feel better are all exceptions to the rule. Are you the rule or the exception?
Finally, the site for the movie is cute and entertaining. As for Jennifer Aniston and ScarJo, they both looked great.

give $20, raise $20, and tell 20 friends

Its a lovely day in the city of Toronto and I took the time to enjoy it. I went for a sun filled walk on the West side and stopped by some shops. I'm working on a few things for Twestival today and really looking forward to Thursday night at Circa. I hope you have your tickets! Molson is buying your first drink and there are heaps of prizes to be won.

The event is four days away and the TwestivalTO fundraising goal is $10,000. This contribution to charity:water will help fund 2 different water well projects. There are over 165 cities around the world participating. Can you imagine if you aren't there? It's going to be a rad party.

Toronto, lets kick it up a notch and roll with Twestival’s “20/20/20 vision“: give $20, raise $20, and tell 20 friends. Get your tickets today!

See you on the dance floor