i quit everything i don't like

Rent paid. No new metro pass yet. Postie beside me again. Read a friends story this morning and it inspires me to have friends that do amazing things. Its warm today, cloudy with sun peeking though just enough necessary for sunnies. Glad the Tamil protest is over. I don't like people fighting in the streets. My friend said the ambo's couldn't get to the hospitals fast because of them. I wanna see the Wolverine movie. Hugh Jackman, I like him, especially in that role. There's an article in the Metro about timeraiser.com, cool idea. I'm looking forward to the next #genyTO. Adoration by Egoyan, I'd like to see that one too. The Mississauga McCallion is really old and creepy. I never wanna live in that burb. SJP is having twins and Lohan is hopped up on energy drinks. Everyone seems to be taking something. That guys coffee smells damn good. Late start today but feeling great. Looking forward to the weekend, its almost here!

she's gonna grow up and write a book about you

I had a blog before this one, it was on myspace, it still is. It's called it 'It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be" after a favorite book by Paul Arden. It's all writing and poetry. I revisited it today, it had been since 2007 that I logged into myspace. I guess you could say I've been kinda busy. I have two accounts casieandjenie and misscasiestewart.
November 25 2004
I am spinning, sitting here thinking.Thoughts of you run from my heart, past my mind Turning round in my head. Touching me all day. One day, you might be mine. You light my fire, you are my star.Will I see you tomorrow? Will I ? I will be with you again.I feel your energy, moving in the air.When you are around, you put a twinkle in my eye.I want you close to me, I think you want me too.
August 10, 2006
crazie//: casie.racie.spacie.energetic. dynamic.distinct. animated. always entertaining.fastmoving. neverslowingdown. sexy.preppy. intellectuallystimulating. delicate and decent. like diana, ladylike, its her middle name. a very laid back kind of girl. sort of radiant. sparkling the way the sun shines, when even out of sight and glowing, gleaming. she even she has a sister stewart. sibling. she's also social & s.m.a.r.t.
May 22, 2006
There is no price imaginable that could buy all my creativity, for it is infinite and contagious.

We are all units and we are all united.

black and white and red all over

It's not nearly as warm as it looks outside. The sun is shining and so am I but the air is breezy and cold. I walked past a truck that said 'smart' on it and I thought, hey that's me. There's three more cases of Swine Flu in the GTA. Mild, but still crazy. I don't like pigs. They gross me out. I'm glad I never went to Mexico, I don't think I will ever go now. Not really into dying, there's lots of other nice beaches that aren't deadly. I love this spot in the afternoon. The sun shines so very bright. I just got a cheque for retro pay on a raise, exciting but not massive. I'd like a massive cheque with my name on it. Or a trip. Or a new laptop. Or new shoes. I love shoes. I pulled these red boots out from storage. I love red shoes the most. I like red cars too. I used to think red cars go faster. I've never had a car. I never needed one. I'd like my first car to be a Porsche. Dad wants a Porsche too. Chatted him today. He's busy building hot rods. I like that. He sounds happy. I'm happy too.

hey shazza, let's go to maccas

Just because you are in Australia, doesn't mean you can wear your bathing suit EVERYWHERE. When we got there we thought that it was a-ok so we went all over the place dressed like this. The ferry, subway, lunch, Opera House. Really obvious that you're a tourist if you do that.

Beach walk from Bondi Beach - Coogee Beach.
Pretty birds on my window.
Again, in bathing suits. haha
This is us getting groceries. We pushed the cart home with our umbrellas. This doesn't make you look like a tourist, but rather an idiot. Oh, what fun we had!

Opera House & Harbour Bridge from me.

quit your swining, swine baby

Rainy day again. I was watching the news about Swine Flu last night. Creepy stuff. I started thinking to myself. 1. Good thing I didn't go to Mexico 2. Who did go to Mexico that I've hung out with and could contaminate me and kill me? Hopefully I'm safe.
Last night I sat on the couch and and started drawing a comic strip. It's Elsa Cohen's Adventures in Super Blogging. I'm working on it. Here's a first sketch for now...I also took some time to read old stuff I wrote. I hope you enjoy it. I thought all these things when I was 15. I still think it's important to be yourself, I still love McDonald's and you are never to old to play in leaves or snow. Have a great day!

What I think (1996) from Casie Stewart on Vimeo.

windy ass mother trucker

Who mama. What a windy bitch she was on Saturday between 5-6pm. I freaked and was kinda creeped when I looked out the window only to see random garbage and debris flying by. It was nutso! There's massive condo building construction happening near my place which made for sand and materials all over the place. I have never seen a storm quite like it. I got some video footage, it was kinda scary. Camera needed a tight grip, the wind was snatching stuff from all the balconies!

Mad Wind #1 from Casie on Vimeo.

Mad Wind #2 from Casie on Vimeo.

what a beauty she was

I had an awesome weekend. I'm digging that I'm not making myself feel like I have to blog on the weekend. Now that it's springy and warm outside I want to get out and enjoy it. Really, really gotta get my bike on the road. I'm wearing open toed shoes today. The Gladiators. Today is Samuel Morse birthday and Google's logo is in Morse code. I dig it. I've thought about getting a poem I wrote tattooed in Morse code. I like the way it looks.Cara and I went to Frock Swap on Saturday afternoon near Kensington. It was lovely. I snagged a few nice dresses. I'm lucky that so many vintage dresses are mini and they fit me just right. I always find a few jems. I wore these Pooh's on my head while I was there. I liked them, they made me feel cool.
I wore a strapless long dress tho show the shoulders to the sun. They got some love for sure. I also picked up a few new pairs of glasses. Necessary to have about a zillion pairs. I lose/break a few each year and I've got a drawer full of backups. Happy that the sun came out to play.

see you on the weekend

Lots of stuff planned for the weekend including relaxing, couch surfing and tanning. Have a great one. See you Monday or on a patio! ♥ xo

dynamically scalable and often virtualized

Darling Harbour Fountain from Casie Stewart on Vimeo.

Australia has Plastic Money from Casie Stewart on Vimeo.

vacation in balconia

I walked part of the way today. So sunny and mild. Woke up early. Wore a summer dress, one that's good for biking. The tower in the sky looks beautiful. I love when kids wear fake tattoos. So funny. Was busy in the sketch book last night. I had an art attack. This is one of about 5 new babies. I play Mario Kart on the streetcar, mostly on Fridays. I never see girls gaming but I think it would be cute if I did. Lots of work to do today. Wore my Wellies, we might get a thunderstorm. I'm undecided on my feelings about Breakfast Television and CP24. I like Frankish and Dina but the CP24 news/weather/traffic etc. all on one screen is so convenient. Its going to be really nice out. I can feel it already. I'm listening to my blip.fm station. Good tunes on there. I'm DJ Basketcase.

an old guy

I was living in Fort Wayne, Indiana with for part of 2005. It was an interesting experience living in the US. I like Canada better. I didn't work (no visa) and spent most days around the house, burning DVD's and writing.
12/5/2005 at 12:36 PM

Sitting here feeling warm,

Watching the sun shine on my arm.

Without a job I bought more time,

The cost is starting to cross the line.

Do the chores clean the house,

This place is quiet as a mouse!

The snow is melting outside the door,

As winter passes like the year before.

Many changes the year has brought,

Many lessons have been taught.

To the kitchen to make a meal,

Wearing an apron & stiletto heels.

fond, found, fortune, fashion, focus

I'm wearing a mum outfit today. Her old belt that still smells like New Zealand and a shortened Dashiki that matches my orange vintage boots. Tomorrow is going to warm but today its so windy and cold. I think I'm going to write on my way in more often. I lost my computer and ipod so now I use what I got, my device and thoughts and spend less time on the actual computer. I'm inspired in the morning, except for sporadic days when I am not. I usually wake up with a smile. Damn its cold. This morning I woke up to a message from a friend that said he's in London England and the style there reminds him of me. I think that's the nicest thing ever. I've never been to London but I know about style there. I can't type as fast as thoughts fly, I can barely talk that fast and when I do its funny and I sound like a nut. I missed a call from a magazine editor last night. I wonder what he wants? H has the closing party for his art show tonight and I'm also planning to chat with Poster Boy. I'm going to make some. Cut and paste was one of my most favorite things to do at the kitchen table when I was younger. It still is along with writing. I wrote a poetry book in 1996 called Jeans. It's not on Amazon because its out of print, its time for a new book. We started our publishing company without Internet and did it old the fashion way. We learned a lot. Its seems so easy now. I forgot my sunnies, the vintage ones from France. They would have matched perfect. As I take off my jacket I forget I wore this. I smile thinking of Mum and also what my friend is going to say. He makes fun of my clothes all time but its because I'm unique and he knows I can take it. It's fun. I hope you have a great day.

on the way in

This elevator smells like cheap perfume and its probably you. There's posties beside me and they converse over condos and routes. Seasons affect them, they affect me too, like the weather. 'Take it easy' he says, like its easy, like it's so easy to take it easy. Its not, its hard to take it easy when there are so many factors pulling attention from your life & love. That guy has a purple jacket. I wish I had a purple jacket. Are there any blogs famous for being crazy, like thoughts insane? Random thoughts that lead to a story of ones life that they don't even remember writing? I just missed my stop as I was writing and now, I will arrive when I get there. I backtrack, like a dummy. Am I dumb or am I smart? Everyone should have a blog. Its like therapy. I ran into a friend, not just any, a smart inspiring one. That's why I missed my stop. Universe. There's no streetcar. She says to me, Lauren Hill, "it could all be so simple, but you'd rather make it hard". We're both at Fresh and Wild, playing at the same time. Albert Einstein thinks we can't live without Bees. I don't like feeling that I have to do things. It's a never nearly as neat as when you do it for love. Lindsay would be a hot and slutty burlesque dancer. I know this is random to you but in my mind thoughts flow at a very fast speed. I'm at work now. Like a Sim. Its Earth Day, turn off your computer and give your attention to the earths problems instead of your own.
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sometimes i think i'm so cool

I've been going through my old hard drive and I've managed to dig up some jems from years ago when I used to go out 'clubbing'. In this one my friend is smoking a dube. haha. They used to allow smoking inside back then, lots of cigarettes in this photo. Sorry Mum.
Moxie Halloween. That's my old lady mask. It rules. Dad used to wear it when he took us trick or treating. It is so old and scary. It looks real and totally freaks people out. My costume was an 'old sexy bag' my shirt said that on the back, I made it. It was right when 'Sexy Back' came out.
Moxie Promotions Princess party: We all wore crowns and big puffy skirts. It was really fun. My hair was so long. This is Hannah. She is also the Power Ranger.
What kinda outfit is this? Fishnets under bathing suit? Nice real nice. Pretty cool when you go to the Guvernment in 2005.
I hope you will enjoy these guys like I did. Don't be shy on the comments. I know I had a few!!

gone beserk!!!!!!!!

I've been called crazy more times than I care to count. So, when I wanted something really unique and crazy couture I could only think of Peach Beserk. If you're the kind of kid who doesn't like to be seen wearing the same things as someone else or you're looking for that unique, stylish prom dress, get it there. You can have whatever you like printed, fitted and made just for you. I ordered an Edie Sedgwick print stretch dress for my birthday in May.
I had an awesome time just being in the shop and learning. I took part in drawing a design, making the screen and then using the paint to do my very first screen print. I have a feeling this could become my new favorite. Imagine the freedom!My dress had been worn a few times and I carefully put my little design & name on it. PB has heaps of famous ladies wearing their stuff including Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Portia de Rossi, Bif Naked, Caroline Rhea, and Miss Paula Abdul among others.
I kinda wished I was back in high school so I could make a crazy print prom dress and show all the kids that I was cooler than them. I remember I wore pants to one once and that was a real shocker back then.
Peach Beserk just recently launched an online dress designer. They also ship to anywhere in the world, so don't be shy if you're not from Toronto. If you didn't check it out when I first told you, check it out now! You will love it. I do.

tag those greenbacks

Would you get in trouble if you tagged a URL on cash?
What if you wrote your twitter name?
Would it help you keep track of your money?
Yesterday I came across this fine stamped bill at a friends place as we were celebrating the greatness that was yesterday. Seems the Black Diamond Riders have stamped their bills. Interesting. I'm sure I'd get haterade from someone if I marked up the bills I use! Is it worth a shot? Hmm.

go fly a kite, a huge one

I'm really looking forward to summer as I always do this time of year. I'm definitely a summer kinda girl. H and I went to the beaches this weekend. It was awesome to put my feet in the sand.
It was really relaxing to take a stroll on the boardwalk in the sun (and wind). There were heaps of people out from the TO Kiting community. Kiting is really hard. Last summer I went with 'kiter' friends up to North Sauble for the weekend and I didn't even get in the water. Just handling one of those big units is tough work. I went on my friends back while he was kiting and we totally got some air. It was awesome and scary at the same time. I loved it.