put on that ruskie baby

I'm love my ruskie hat, plus, it is warm as hell. It's winter in Toronto and the wind is once again whipping at my windows. There's something about Russian girls and theses hats that is super hot. I keep thinking to myself 'each day is one closer to summer' hoping it will keep my spirits up. I usually get the S.A.D.ness this time of year and I'm tryna fight it. Taking vitamin D and B50 complex helps alot.

2009 ArtVenture: The AGO (Ontario Art Gallery)

Last night I had the pleasure of going to the AGO, again. TGFFW (Thank God For Free Wednesdays). I love it there. So many inspiring ideas which arouse my wild & creative mind. I decided to make my own art and snuck a few shots in. Please don't be mad my dear AGO or Mr. Gehry for it is so lovely I just could not help myself. This is my favorite. You know I love Andy.I really enjoy some of the modern stuff and photography. I was looking at some of the pictures and I saw this total stud, I don't know what it is about him. I have a thing for nerdy dudes.I love the staircase. How is winds around and shows beautiful views of the city lights. It makes me happy to dance around the stairs as they twist and turn and travel higher.Its is super busy on Wednesday's since it is free. The gallery opens at 6pm and closes at 8:30pm. This is not enough time to get around the whole place. There are many nooks and cranny's of artistic expression. Coat check is $1 and you have to check your bags. You are allowed to sketch in pencil, but not in pen. I like to write.