rollin' with ma homies

When I was little I used to cruise around with Dad in hot rods all the time. It was SO much fun!Yesterday I put on one of Mum's old Deuce Doins shirts from 1981 and went for a cruise with my friend Jeff. Nothing like cruising in the sunshine in an old classic!Was really nice out and the sun was shining bright. Lots of people out on the streets.
Jeff's car is pretty damn sweet as.
I know that lots of people have lots their jobs lately and I saw that they are hiring girls here and thought you should know. Since it's Easter the girl was wearing this lovely little bunny number just for you!

afternoon delight

Good day yesterday. AGO was fun, I love it there. There's a few new guys up and they are putting up a teepee in the big open area behind the ticket checkers. I took home a post card of on guy I had a crush on. I don't know why I like him, I think it's the outfit and the pose. I popped into the members lounge with H, he's a member. Nice furniture but pretty plain in the coffee area. I expected a more swanky modern design. The old house, grange, is the original gallery house. It's been restored and reopened, hence why it was so historic looking. I heard from a reliable source that the upstairs isn't open because they didn't have enough money to get it up to building code. They store furniture and stuff up there now. Gehry insisted that they make the house the members lounge. There is some really nice art in the eating area downstairs too. Very modern.