Zune Zune Zuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnne!!

Look what I get!

Today I got a call from a lovely employee at Matchstick.ca after I had filled out a survey last week that pertained to MP3 players.

Turns out.....it was for the Zune MP3 device!
This thing is fucking awesome. I currently have an 8G Nano, but I reckon this might rival my little baby. It comes with video, photo, radio, a recorder, wireless sync (so cool!) and up to 2,000 songs, or 25,000 pictures, or 24 hours of video. Holy shit yo!! It is not in Canada yet, but I am getting an 8G one! And, to make it even better and cooler, I get to give one to a friend!!

Also, Zune is super cool because they are going to be hosting parties with Vice magazine. As a devoted Vice fan, this rocks my socks off! Vice had a promotion with Solo Mobile once for the 100/100 Parties that were off the hook and craz-ay.

I should get my Zuney Tuney unit in about a week or so. Stay 'tuned' for updates!!

If you'd like to participate in this great opportunity or other great stuff from Matchstick let me know and i'll pass on the details for you! xoxo

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