The Smell of Sub-thing stinky....

Zune: Update (2)

Wow! It looks like people either love or hate the Zune....with the majority of the market loving ipod and hating the MS Zune. I came across some interesting comments about the device in this Globe & Mail comments thread. The article was originally posted in 2006 when the first Zune came out.

I'm going to keep testing out the bitch and will give a new report on my usage soon...

Danger in the Workplace

* This one is for you Crabby. Be careful when you are wearing a headband and glasses at the same time, they might fall.

Toronto Pride 2008: AMAZING!

Zune: Update

"Grey Rabbit
from Mississauga, Canada writes:
I wonder who supplies the battery ? Fast forward 6 months.... millions of Zunes recalled after reports of overheating ."

The battery on this thing sucks. I charged it up allllllll night and after my short trip to work, the damn thing was shut down. I hate it right now. The functionality of the screen and keys and setup all suck. They are not easy to use like ipod or convenient either. I can use my ipod while I bike or drive or ANYTHING, Zune not a chance! I'm going ot try a little more to get to know the Zune, that way, I can get over the hump in my learning curve and see all the good it has to offer!

Until next time....