Always wanted to join the symphony?

Now you can.

You can play your part in music history and join the YouTube Symphony Orchestra. It is quite a magical thing. All these talented musicians uniting to play music that is heard around the world, from around the world. You download the sheet music, practice, practice, practivce and upload two samples.

Makes me kinda wish I played some type of instrument. I know have a friend that right now is laughing while reading this going "how about you play the skin flute?'". I used to play flute in grade 7 & 8, so there. I'd like to try my hand at the jazz Flute, like Ron Burgundy.

total hotness. totally NYC. totally Kelz.

FYI, this is Kelz.
The lovely Kelly Sadja in NYC.
I know Kelly through a friend and I today noticed a link on her FB to her myspace and was like, shit damn Kell, you really know how to rock it. Her sound is beautiful and the beats are soulful yet modern. I'm listening to her right now. 'Can't Change Me' me is my favorite one.

Ridiculously Happy.

Jesus, how lovely. Looks like I make people happy. Mission accomplished: be a happy person and it will be contagious. You all know that I'm a very positive young lady, thanks to The Twitter Happiness score for myself I now have confirmation.

The current Happyscore for casiestewart is: 563

"Generally, people who have followed this person on Twitter
lately will perceive this person as Ridiculously Happy."

casie stewart: this is my life

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something for your burger king

Burger King has something hot for you burger lovers this holiday season. Body spray that will make you smell like a whopper!! Despite eliciting "universal disgust," the new Burger King FLAME™ body spray has sold out at all Ricky's locations AND on the website! Grub Street comforts frustrated FLAME™ consumers with news that it's being sold on eBay for $76 (and rising).[more]

trouble paying rent?

Watched this. Laughed. Now sharing.

"I work too hard."
"I want my money, bitch."