Be happy, despite not being happy, get that?

Happiness is a state of mind. Not a bank account number or fancy clothes, arm candy, sex, drugs, and all that shit. Being happy is a way of feeling a way of acting and an outlook on life. I live a very happy life despite what happens around me. I make a conscious effort to not let other peoples worries & troubles infiltrate my own feelings and inner thoughts. My message from Yehuda this week is all about Building on a Moment. I share this message and the 72 Name of the Week, my favorite one:
49. Happiness - Vav Hei Vav
(Scan the letters from Left to Right to connect to the energy)
Meditation: I find the strength to restrain selfish longings. Through this Name I ask for what my soul needs, not what my ego wants. I find deep appreciation for whatever life brings me. This brings me happiness in the deepest sense.

"The only thing we can do when faced with chaos and pain is accept things as they are and be happy in that moment. The genius of this logic is one moment is carried into the next. When we put all our effort into seeing the good, to pushing back the darkest doubts and to injecting light and happiness, we go into the next moment carrying that energy.

Switching up the energy, that's what we're doing. Difficult? Yes. Paradoxical? For sure. Doable? Without a doubt.

Lots of people are in the dumper lately, that's no news flash. And I think this idea of building on the moment is especially relevant. It doesn't mean we have to resign ourselves to a bad situation or relationship. I think we have a habit of thinking "I can't be happy now because I have this problem and if I accept it I will never get rid of it."

The energy that goes into being happy, internally ignites change on the external level. That's the beauty of life: everything can change just like that. Even when things aren't as you want them, if you can train yourself to be happy in the moment, then you will see dramatic shifts forward.

On top of that, why be miserable and unhappy? Look back at your life. If you had certain parts to do over, would you do them over with apathy, boredom and fear? Or would you rip into those situations with confidence and verve?

This week, call yourself out on your negative thought loops. Break it in your mind. Pay attention to how often your feeling of desperation and doubt are in control. Practice being excited and happy - even when you're not.

To keep it simple, here's a 3 step reminder for the week:

  1. Accept the difficult situation for what it is
  2. Be happy, despite not being happy (get that?)
  3. Switch the moment, leading to a new continuum of happiness

All the best,


it looks cold outside

and i remember how warm i used to be
this is my old home.
the life the luxury.
the sun, the sand, the skin.
the ocean, the waves.
the boards, the boys.
bondi will always have my heart.

Highspeed Internet on Planes

Some very interesting and refreshing points. Mr. Louis C.K. (born Louis Szekely; September 12, 1967) is an Emmy Award-winning American stand-up comedian, writer, actor, producer and director.

City Girl defines her Style

Jennifer Herd, a talented artist I know has created this awesome pic 'City girl". Her artwork has been entered in the Sony VAIO Contest to be one of the new laptop skins to be manufactured & sold across Canada. I am asking for your help top get her design into the Top 10. It is very simple! Click the photo to follow the link & hit 'vote for this design'. You can vote every 24 hours. It would be a dream come true for the artist to have her design manufactured by Sony. I'm excited to help make her wish a reality! To check out more of Jennifer's artwork visit her blog.

A little bit about Jennifer:

1. Whats your dream job?
- Illustrator for a trendy Toronto animation company
2. What's your favorite type of music?
- Gotta have my blues rock! Oh yeah!
3. What clothing brands best defines your personal style?
- I don't buy particular brands - I love indie and vintage!!

barry manalow rocks the eighties

Tonight, I watched Will & Grace and it was the episode when Will is in line for tickets the one night show of Barry's Christmas Special. Grace gets mad when she sees that her mum ditched Hanukkah shopping to hang out with Jack. Karen finds comfort with the Fanilows in line for tickets. ET Canada was happy to have Mr. Manilow on their program this evening also. He is releasing a new album "The Greatest Songs of the Eighties," due November 25 on Arista. It's just amazing how youthful and soft his face looks. I browsed through some photos of Barry and maybe I found one way to stay looking young and have a pretty voice, a dried flowered bud of the Cannabis Sativa plant. It has visible THC crystals, which indicate high potency.