Year of the Ox Brings Good Luck & Obama

On the Western calendar the start of the Chinese New Year falls today and marks the The Year of the Ox. I'm wishing all my Chinese friends and readers a Happy New Year!

In my office we are having a catered buffet of Chinese food for lunch. I am absolutely starving so I'm counting down the minutes. Just looking at this picture makes my tummy rumble!!
Famous studs who are born in Ox years: Johann Sebastian Bach, Napoleon Bonaparte, Charlie Chaplin, George Clooney, Walt Disney, Anton Dvorak, Clark Gable, George Frideric Handel, Oscar De La Hoya, Richard Nixon, Barack Obama, Aishwarya Rai, Wayne Rooney, Vincent Van Gogh

I'm Glamorous. Yes, I am.

Last week I received a package from my friends at Matchstick Marketing once again. This time it was...a L'Oreal Paris Glam Kit!! OOOH YEAH! I was totally surprised by the huge size of the actual mascara unit. It was bigger than any type I have ever tried, resembled a sex toy a little bit! Well, that's what my roommate, sister and I thought.
The kit came with the following jazz:
  • 2 x L'Oréal Paris Double Extension Beauty Tubes Mascara
  • 1 x L'Oréal Paris Cosmetic Bag
  • 1 x L'Oréal Paris Cosmetic Brush Set
  • 1 x L'Oréal Paris Eye Shadow Quad in Grey
  • 1 x L'Oréal Paris Carbon Black Liquid Liner
  • 1 x Guide to Smokey Eyes
I took the liberty of capturing all the steps in using the mascara. I expected it to make me look more like a Glam babe, I'm talking Oscar worthy. I've used it a few more times since this first application and don't mind it, but is not my most favorite. My lashes are actually quite long so it makes them kinda butterfly-eyeish. I think I need more practice or a lesson.
I found it to be kinda chunky. Maybe I didn't follow the instructions right? I do that sometimes. My friend Marie loves it. The mascara retails for $14.99 and I have coupons for $5 bones off the regular price for anyone who wants to try it out! Let me know before you buy your next mascara!!