Bombs over, bombs over CHINA!!

Educate yourself!!
Somebody text a bomb blast too!
AND tried to bust up a fucking Air China flight man!!
That shit is fucked up!

And so it is...

Just like you said it would be
Me full on, tough as nails
At the table vodka, rails
You go to bed, its night time
I'm a corona with a slice of lime
light a smoke and close your eyes
open, look, see sunrise.

Sweet Tasing Vodka Drinks

I sit and drink
and write and such
and around me
is life and love so much
still why and when
I'm tough and feel so down,
not worthy of a crown.
Tattooed friends and vodka drinks
around we sit and share our thinks
no matter what fun we do
its always me, alive and true
And as i sit, the friends are gone
a little drunk, a bit withdrawn
i know for sure its me i love,
but to share my heart,that, i think of.

Who's a Poet? You know it!!

Lasers = Hotness

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