weather report: minus smiles across the city & negative winds

I went for a walk today at lunch. I was wearing my earphones even though my ipod battery was dead. Hold your thoughts. They keep your ears warm and I also have a strange pastime of eavesdropping on other peoples conversations. Yes, it is true. It's more fun on the subway then walking, but whatever. Anyhow, what I did overhear was all kinds of people 'cryning' as my Dad calls it (crying/whining) about the weather. We are going to have damn cold days coming, so what, deal with it, stay inside, hibernate, read books, learn something. I love summer, I do not like being cold, however I do really, really not like complaining. It is not good energy for yourself OR anyone around you. Whether you mean for them to hear you or not.I got back to the office and thought, I need to ditch this bad attitude. I dove into my work and managed to knock off a few hours. Then the sun came out and I was smiling again. ♥

thanks to tweetdeck...

I'm able to Tweet the fuck out of my day while multitasking and be in touch with all kinds of people. If you are not on Twitter yet, sheesh, get with it. I know I'm pretty hardcore Internet compared to most people, but Twitter is good for learning about things and being 'in the know'. My friend told me last week that less than 20% of the population is blogging. This is good, less people writing = more people reading. I saw this card today created by a user at someecards and thought, how appropriate now that Twitter has taken over the place Facebook and any other social networking site.

It's funny, but also, sadly true