subway poem #0021

Sexy Asian couple
Speaking French from France
Russian soldier beside my seat
Killed over a thousand lost his soul

Young and vulnerable shake it up
Catch the rocket ride the subway
Transient dimensions take it slow

Speaking language beyond boundaries
Translating sound beyond experience

♥ It's Friday and I wish you a good weekend.

sick, mucus, cold, cough, gross

I've been fighting off a cough, cold, runny nose and all that crap all week. Today I feel like I'm getting a little but better, however, I'm totally sick.I've taken Buckley capsules, Benelyn, Echinacea, Halls, and lots of water. I'm listening to the new Whitest Boy Alive album called Rules thanks to my friend @EtotheZ. It's making me feel better. Thank god. I'm always so high energy and warm spirits that being sick really gets me down. Hope to be better for Podcamp and the weekend.

Dear Spring,
Please get here. I'm tired of the Winter.
♥ Love Casie

podcamp toronto 2009

This weekend I will be attending podcamp at Ryerson University. Podcamp is an unconference that is free for all those interested in all things podcasting, blogging and new media. Anyone can attend! For more information visit the Wiki and sign up!