windy ass mother trucker

Who mama. What a windy bitch she was on Saturday between 5-6pm. I freaked and was kinda creeped when I looked out the window only to see random garbage and debris flying by. It was nutso! There's massive condo building construction happening near my place which made for sand and materials all over the place. I have never seen a storm quite like it. I got some video footage, it was kinda scary. Camera needed a tight grip, the wind was snatching stuff from all the balconies!

Mad Wind #1 from Casie on Vimeo.

Mad Wind #2 from Casie on Vimeo.

what a beauty she was

I had an awesome weekend. I'm digging that I'm not making myself feel like I have to blog on the weekend. Now that it's springy and warm outside I want to get out and enjoy it. Really, really gotta get my bike on the road. I'm wearing open toed shoes today. The Gladiators. Today is Samuel Morse birthday and Google's logo is in Morse code. I dig it. I've thought about getting a poem I wrote tattooed in Morse code. I like the way it looks.Cara and I went to Frock Swap on Saturday afternoon near Kensington. It was lovely. I snagged a few nice dresses. I'm lucky that so many vintage dresses are mini and they fit me just right. I always find a few jems. I wore these Pooh's on my head while I was there. I liked them, they made me feel cool.
I wore a strapless long dress tho show the shoulders to the sun. They got some love for sure. I also picked up a few new pairs of glasses. Necessary to have about a zillion pairs. I lose/break a few each year and I've got a drawer full of backups. Happy that the sun came out to play.