it is surely time for change

I love living in Canada and being Canadian. When you look at our influence on the world and how we are perceived on a global scale, we really have alot to be thankful for. If you have travelled to any country other than here, you know how much people really love us Canadians. When I lived in Australia I used to often go through this conversation:
Aussie with attitude- "G'day, you American?"
Me - "No, I'm from Canada!"
Aussie with no attitude - "Great, wanna come for a beer?" (pronounced 'bear')
Me - "Great!" (thanking god I am from Canada not the US!)I am really proud of Ontario and our stance on being part of the electric car movement. If you haven't seen the news or heard about Better Place. I suggest you educate yourself. Here is an excerpt from the Better Place site regarding Ontario:

"Working with Better Place, the Province of Ontario has become the first in Canada to take a step toward sustainable transportation with electric cars powered by renewable energy, or Car 2.0. It’s a forward-looking move that reflects the provincial government’s commitment to create jobs, strengthen an economy where the car industry represents a quarter of all manufacturing output, and end the use of coal-fired electricity by 2014."

but wait...yes I do love them!

If you don't know Natalie Dee, let me introduce you to her:

Hello Blog, this is Natalie Dee! She is my favorite cartoonist. She draws cartoons and posts them everyday. I have been reading her stuff for years now. I think she is hilarious. These are a few recent ones but I also have a few fav's from the past that I just might bring out to blog to introduce to you. Her sence of humor is right up my alley.

proud to announce....

You can check out my amazing sister on the Raptors website. They have FINALLY put up all the girls pictures. Jenie has been dancing since the age of three and is very talented. This is her first year on the Raptors Dance Pak and I am so proud of her. She is also a model and actress. Talk about a triple threat!!! Watch for her on the court, she's a beauty sure to catch your eye.
Nice work sister!! Can't wait to come to the next game!!

dear doctor, please prescribe vacation

i'd like to stay home
and not wear pants
and not stand up
and not go out

laze around
in silence and
spend time with
my thoughts

spend time with
my thoughts

Bohemianism; Gypsy Queens

On Tuesday night I went to my friend Yossi's event Legacy @ Bohemian Embassy. It was pretty fun. I went with Tahnee and Sabrina after work. There was food for us all and complementary bevvy's. One of my favorites! We had a couple glasses and watched all the people. Another one of my favorite things, especially when you are there with your two BFF's.
There is one thing that needs to be mentioned - a fashion crime. There was a man who's face I have cropped out - god, I am so kind! At first sight, he is wearing a suit, however, let your eyes wander and you will see he was wearing ADIDAS PANTS!! Omg. I had a field day with this one. Sneaking his picture while talking amongst ourselves was quite amusing. Please, do not ever do this. I don't know how anyone would see this as appropriate attire. I have said my piece. Thank you for listening.

counting pennies?

Every morning before work I watch BT. Kevin Frankish is so funny. Today they mentioned that Honest Ed's is offering customers 'Depression Pricing'. All of the stuff at Ed's is priced so low!! I am talking like 10 cents and 25 cents yo. So, if you are feeling poor, scrape your pennies and go get some crap over there! You'll feel like a million bucks by only spending about $10.