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I like sharing, who has feedback on SharePoint??

I have basic knowledge and an looking into this type of solution.
I'm wondering:

  • Have you worked with Sharepoint?
  • Do you know about it?
  • How hard is implementation?
  • Is is a drastic change for user who operate with MS Office & Windows?
  • How is it being the Admin and/or Manager?
  • Do users like/love it?
  • How did it help the business?
  • Does it make your work easier and more efficient?
  • Are you less stressed?
  • Reporting; love it or hate it?
  • What's better than SharePoint?
  • Do you know it well?
  • Have you been to the Conference?
I will continue my research for now @,?:)-8-<=

casie stewart: this is my life: I wanna go.

casie stewart: this is my life: I wanna go.

They called him 'Barry'...

...He also answers his own emails.
This is a great article about Barack 'Barry' Obama and how down to earth he really is.
Vote Barack!

Say GOODBYE to Drunken Emails

October 07, 2008 — CIO — Gmail, Google's free consumer e-mail, added a unique new feature to the service yesterday: Mail Goggles, which gives you the ability to double check whether you are really sure you want to send an e-mail message, particularly late at night. But the feature might also help business users of enterprise Gmail make better decisions about sending out vindictive or hastily-composed emails to co-workers. Check the GOOGLE blog for more deets.