degrassias - what generation?

I found this little note from my first day on set at Degrassi. in 2007 I was doing a bunch of random jobs that summer including background work and PR.

I started thinking to myself as I sit here in Holding for my first day at Degrassi High.... Here I am working on a show I’ve never seen surrounded by a bunch of people whom either I’ve only met over the last six weeks or never seen before. Its great, as I hear the sound of “Its Raining Men” on the set, I’ve managed once again to avoid being used or getting on camera. It’s a total dream when you get to spend the day sitting in Holding, getting paid to do whatever it is your little heard desires until they call for lunch or “everyone on set”. I’m hoping that today I make to lunch at least. I'm hiding in the back area hoping not get get noticed or called.

Made it past lunch. Thank god. Unfortunately, I had to walk past the cast a few times on camera holding hands with Jessica as if she was my girlfriend. Someone in the cast is at a gay bar with a rich guy and from what I can tell he is barely, if even at all out of the closet to his friends on the show (or in real life.) I wish I had seen this damn show at least once.

Turns out that guy did come out of the closet and I still, to this day, have not seen the show. Something totally 'fab' did happen that day; I was given a pair of boots from wardrobe because I didn't bring any heels with me. After we finished shooting for the day I was leaving the set heading to the TTC with this totally hot babe and completely forgot to return the boots. They are amazing and I still wear them. I will not describe them or show pictures in order to endure they remain mine. (imagine cheeky smile)

two thousand and shine = simple abundance

"You must first be
who you really are,
do what you need to do,
in order to have what you want."

- Margaret Young
This year, again, I am attempting to read the book Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach. The reason make another attempt is due to the fact it is written in the style of one page per day starting on January first and I would like to read it as so. The 366 essay's focus around finding simplicity and living a more content and fulfilling way of life. It is a lovely book. So lovely that this very copy came to me because my mum's dear friend gave her a copy two years in a row! Ha!

Toronto Filmmakers on Road to Sundance

Project Direct is YouTube's annual short film competition. The object of the competition is to create a short film incorporating Moviefone's red phone and 2 other props that represent the most memorable films from the first 25 years of Sundance. By winning this competition the director and BFF will get to go to Sundance 2009 and meet with some big shot producers, have a fancy live screening, be promoted all over the internet (YouTube) and get some fast cash.

This year, two dudes from Toronto, Jake Kovnat and Ben Goldenberg are in the TOP TEN! Their movie is called "White Collar Criminals” and I think it is pretty damn good. They shot the movie in three days in Toronto. Help represent our totally rad city by watching their movie and voting for it.

Today is the last day to vote.

Take a minute to help make a fellow

Torontonian’s career dream come true!!