The best radio station I have listened so since Energy 108 in 1992

I loved Energy 108 in 1992 AND I bet your ass did too. Well, I have something that just tickles my fancy. It is called Viva Radio and you can find it very easy and pleasure your ears and limbs by clicking the pic of the online station below.

I like to work and enjoy at the same time ♥


Tripple Cheese - Gayest video ever.

Heidi Montag and Spencer go 80's spandex.
Ok. I
love the spandex and the 80's retro shit.
seriously, THIS, is just retarded.

Last night on Jeopardy....

Alex said "Let's get 'er done!"
I loved it so much.

I love Jeopardy, and Alex too.

Card of the Week

Thanks, thank so much.

Check out my little Dollface ♥

Its my lovely bff Hannah!!
Click on the photo to see the Dollface collection & her cute little doll face too!