subway loud talkers #002

I posted my first Subway Loud Talker video last month. I spotted another. This guy went on for SO long it was awkward and embarrassing. I didn't show all of it because is was just too much.

subway loud talkers #002 from me on Vimeo.
I hope none of you know him. I'm sure he would be kinda pissed, but whatever, I was kinda pissed that he found it appropriate to yell on the street car and into my ear. So there.

the wheels are becoming more necessary

I did some work on my 'Unnecessary Wheels"collection last night. You can see them all here. I'm beginning to think that some of my things would actually be great with wheels.No wheels on these guys. They're for eating. Super tasty and full of life. Neon fruit, it's hydroponic.

#twabes in full force

Look what I got...

K.Hinto a Toronto artist & designer has made me something I really wanted. #twabe shirts.Each one is handmade and unique. Some have front, some back, some neon, and all different. All #twabes are unique, so I could not imagine it any other way! I will post some pix once I have them. If you want a #twabe shirt email me and I will place order. Each one is $20 and they are all limited edition Spring 2009 by K.Hinto.

great people doing great things

I'm really looking forward to Saturday for #pibTO. There has been lots of attention around the event and coverage from a number of sources including The Globe, Punch PR and It was mentioned on BT this morning, if you were watching!! There are over 600 confirmed attendees! We are going to knock Starbucks right outta the park!!
These pix are some of the #pibTO team. We were having such a great time at the meeting and I thought it would be nice to share. We're got bibs with numbers on them and an official counter so we will know as soon as the record has been beat! Second Cup will be serving fair trade coffee and 50% of the proceeds go to SickKids Hospital. Every hundredth person wins a $50 itunes gift card. Hmm, I wish I had an iphone.

it's my very first time...

breaking a world record.

On Saturday Toronto's Flow 93.5 will be broadcasting live on location at Second Cup at Queen & John. The Street Team will be there as you exit Second Cup to a crowd of 'Do Gooders', photographers and notable Toronto celebrities. We will be be giving out $50 iTunes gift cards to every hundredth person as they make their way through the line.

Canada’s professional basketball trickster, Q-Mack and North American Freestyle Soccer Champion, Eli Freeze and his Canadian Freestyle Soccer team will be sharing tricks and techniques. These athletes will be a great attraction for people of all ages!

Helping out behind the Second Cup counter serving drinks will be Michael Landsberg, the host of TSN's Off The Record, and Erica Ehm one of Canada's most recognized television personalities & host of the Yummy Mummy Club.

If you can't make it out you can follow live, in real time, on UStream.TV, Twitter or Facebook. Looking forward to seeing you there and breaking a world record together! Yahoooooooooo!