i like the first part but not the second

This is the part I like - super rad shoes. Having unique shoes shows how cool you are. Having Monopoly kicks shows that you are ballin'!! I fell in love with the shoes when I saw them. I hope they make kid size cause I want my own pair. This is the part I do not like - subway loud talkers. I totally get annoyed when people are talking REALLY loud on the subway. Urgh. 1. Do you think anyone cares? or 2. Do you realize you are on public transit & not in a car and 3. Meh. These girls were on my streetcar the other day and they were just going off about all kinds of annoying stuff.

meh from casie on vims.


Anonymous said...

this is the BEST thing i've ever seen. EVER. I HATE loud talkers. it's so annoying. But in this case... it was hilarious!

CASE STUDY said...

Ahaha!! Thanks babe. I HATE LOUDTALKERS. It's SO annoying. Like seriously, shut your face people, you;re not the only ones on the TTC!! Urgh.