fatty tuesday, what's for lunch?

I'm wondering what to have for lunch today. We get catered lunched in the office on Monday, Wednesday and Friday so today, it's all about me and whatever I want. I've been trying to avoid eating McDonalds as I have been eating it religiously my whole life. Lucky enough, I'm still mini.

I'm a big pho lover traditionally but when I went home for family day I had a really bad pho at Ben Thahn in Cambridge and I'm just not feeling it. I ordered the wrong one and it had nasty meat parts that I can't describe. That's what you get for not REALLY reading the menu.

Tonight I'm going to Facebook Camp Toronto 5 at Mars. I'm interested to hear how Twitter will be brought up, if at all. Although, I can't imagine it just not coming up. I wonder what I might learn?

This is my date @shawnhawaii. He is the coolest.

might as well call it the slumdog awards

I got my new camera last night from Darius and the Daily Challenge Team. I'm pretty stoked. I took three videos and over 45 photos before 10am this morning. I'm looking forward to sharing all the quirky things in my day that make me smile and contribute to my joy filled lust for life. I'm a very happy girl yet also very real. Here is what I made this morning, before coffee.
Day One from Casie on Vimeo.