NEWSFLASH: Kangaroo Update

I recieved a call from PETA's office in California this evening. After my message being rerounted from the London, England office to LA they took immediate action. PETA has contacted the venue, This Is London and the parent company INK. There was not a manager available for comment however they are doing all they can to make sure there are NO KANGAROOS or WALLABIES AT THIS IS LONDON.
I let her know we will do all I can for the cause!!

♥ Thanks guys!

So he turned it off for her...

"I've spent all my fun chips and now I've parked my drinking boots in the closet. I haven't had a drink in four years. There wasn't any real specific bottom to it. I was just ready to graduate from adolescence and try my hand at being an adult. And, quite honestly, the woman I was in love with was not really that tolerant of it, so I turned it off."

- Jason Bateman tells The Independent

Nathan Brennen makes 2008 Canadian Olympic Team!!

Nathan Brennen has been running his whole life. After lots of hard work and determination Nathan has made the Canadian Olympic team. Since I have known him he has always had this dream and has stuck to his guns in achieving it. I am extremely proud and would like to congratulate my friend is following his dreams! It is inspiring!! Go get 'em in Beijing buddy!! ♥ xo