i can't write today
somethings wrong
i can't smile today
life is a sad song
my heart hurts...
so does my foot
in my shoe

today is a sad day
without you
Casie Stewart, Jeans Publishing, Circa 1995

Bright Eyes

Funny Girl

Huff, Puff

Spending Orgy to Save Wall Street?

Mr. Obama countered by seeking to tie Mr. McCain to the economic policies of the Bush White House and its "orgy of spending" and argued that he was out of touch with the needs of American workers. (article)

Let Them Eat Cake!

Edible Marc Jacobs. Amazing.

A dear friend, Roxanne is the best cake maker I have ever, ever seen. This Marc Jacobs bag is really a cake, everything is edible on this cake, even the tags are food coloring printed on icing sheets! Roxanne has an incredible talent and passion for custom designing cakes. As I look through the photos of the many, many designs Roxanne has created I am increasingly surprised at the magnitude of talent. Each cake she makes is a masterpiece of confectionery and cake. Her website is beautifully created like each unique item she makes. I have many times opened the site, browsed through the sweet treats and listened to the elegant music that accompanies the creativity. It is with great pleasure and sincerity that I share this with you.

Roxanne has a private cake studio in Leaside, Toronto where she offers designer cakes, one-of-a-kind cupcakes, custom sculpted cakes and edible marketing solutions. Her collection is a like a fashion show of couture cakes. And that in itself, is something I truly love. She has mastered the arts of sculpting cakes, mixing colour, and moulding sugar into everything from fresh flowers to fine leather. I encourage that you check out her website and if you have a sweet tooth or event requiring a special touch of class and creativity, contact her & make an appointment.

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Check it out.