Looking Good All Over, Barry.

A dear friend notified me of something very interesting going on at www.economist.com. You can login as a member of the site (or signup!), choose your country and pick who you would vote for in the upcoming US Election. It is evident by all my posts that I've got a thing for Obama. I was pleased and surprised to see that the whole world, the ones whom are interested in The Economist, would vote for Obama as well.

The countries that chose McCain are mainly concentrated in one part of the world and McCain leads in Iraq, of all countries, with 67% of the vote. Interesting point maybe? In Canada the favorite is clear, 89% of Canadians that have voted online, vote for Obama. the polls are refreshed every 3 hours and overall there are 9,120 votes for Obama and only 270 for McCain.Check it out if you find it interesting by clicking the links or the map.

Just Dance!

Tonight I'm taking my sister to see a show that I am quite excited about. The show is entitled "Bloodletting and other pleasant things" by Tony Chong at Dancemakers Centre for Creation. I'm quite looking forward to it. I don't have much knowledge about the show yet however you will all know what I think about it tomorrow! It is in the Distillery and starts at 8pm if you wanna come with us. I'm looking forward to hot bodies dressed in minimal clothing and a roller coaster of emotion expressed through contemporary dance. My sis and I have always been involved in dancing. We both started at the age of 3 with Meyerhofer Dance Academy in our home town and we both had fake eyelashes and hairpieces at 5 years old. We travelled to New York, Myrtle Beach, around Ontario competing in many, many competitions. With that thought, the two of us are good critics for tonight's show.