chicken wheelbarrow painting

i know of a poem
that involves these things

william wrote it well
painted a portrait

so picturesque
it opens

the imagination
drives the poet

do you know it?

- handwritten

I Saw a Peacock, with a fiery tail

These following are to be understood in two ways.

I Saw a Peacock, with a fiery tail,
I saw a Blazing Comet, drop down hail,
I saw a Cloud, with Ivy circled round,
I saw a sturdy Oak, creep on the ground,
I saw a Pismire, swallow up a Whale,
I saw a raging Sea, brim full of Ale,
I saw a Venice Glass, Sixteen foot deep,
I saw a well, full of mens tears that weep,
I saw their eyes, all in a flame of fire,
I saw a House, as big as the Moon and higher,
I saw the Sun, even in the midst of night,
I saw the man, that saw this wondrous sight.

canada smokes europe!

Received my update from the Economist on the hottest stories and there was something a bit interesting today...

Turns out there is alot of pot smoking going on in Europe. I learned "cannabis use in Europe remains high by historical standards, according to a new report on drug use from the EU's drug-monitoring arm. Around a quarter of all Europeans aged between 15 and 64, or some 72m people, have tried cannabis. The Dutch are not the keenest spliff smokers in Europe, despite lenient laws: the Danes, French and Britons are most likely to have puffed on a joint at some point in their lives. The highest levels of usage are reported among people between the ages of 15 and 24." I think that in Canada we might just smoke then in this category.
From what I hear, we smoke alot of pot, so I did some research. Turns out, I am right.

CBC reports from the UN, "Canadians use marijuana at four times the world average, making Canada the leader of the industrialized world in cannabis consumption, a recent United Nations report found.

The 2007 World Drug Report by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime says that 16.8 per cent of Canadians aged 15 to 64 smoked marijuana or used another cannabis product in 2006. The world average is 3.8 per cent."

late night pizza poppers

N: hey did i tell u what happened on Saturday?

Case: no!

Case: do tell

N: so i walk into pizza pizza.. same guy is there.. and he goes "alone tonight? that's a shocker.. no chicken wings tonight??" lololol

Case: lololol

Case: omg hilarious

Case: he knows you

Case: and us

Case: love it

N: lol yuupppp

Case: thats hot

Something suspicious...

This is not a free cruise. I just got a call from a +0000000000000 number, whoever called me knew my number and name. They offered me this cruise in Florida for 2 days if I answered some questions. I know this game. I played it before. They do not include port charges or government takes. I've read about the cruise line before also. It is sub par and two star. If they call you, don't waste your time. Unless, you and a friend are in Florida and have a few days to waste along with about $300.

NOW Obama!!

Two of my best friends Tahnee & Aga grace the pages of NOW! Magazine this week. They were in Dundas Square last week celebrating the wonderful Presidential victory of Mr. Barack Obama.

The caption reads:
who: Barack Obama supporters
where: Dundas Square
when: Tuesday, November 4, 11 pm
what: Celebrating Obama’s historic victory in the U.S. presidential election.
More coverage, page 16.
Photo By Sam Javanrouh

This photo, on Tahnee's FB is worth at least a thousand words. That's my girl!

be nice to yourself this week

mem lamed ayin
Removing Negative Thoughts

By scanning these letters right to left you connect to the spiritual energy of this name. The meditation is linked to the photo and you can also experience it by connecting here.

A little spiritual tune up from Yehuda:

The month of Scorpio is the perfect time to be reminded of this. We tend to be extra hard on ourselves under the influence of this energy. But at the same time, there is always a little poison in the vaccine. Meaning, if we can learn to be nice to ourselves, even when we are in the throes of self-hatred, we can inoculate ourselves against that inner critic for the rest of the year.

Be nice to yourself this week. You have so many gifts from the Creator that were given to you so you could share them with others. The more you are patient and tolerant of your shortcomings and failures, the more your gifts will come out.

And the more your gifts come out, the better you will feel. Be well. Enjoy your week!

All the best, Yehuda Berg

pinned up

The pix are from Timothy White’s book ‘Hollywood Pin-ups’. The exciting book was as released October 28, 2008 and is“an exclusive collection of never-published color photographs of today’s most beautiful stars captured in pinup style, including Gina Gershon, Kate Hudson, Susan Sarandon, Molly Sims, Vanessa Williams, and many more..”

mk & a

super hot.

freddie mercs.

i love his stash
his stage presence
the sweat dripping from his face
as he sings out loud
his dance moves
his passion
the way he fights
no time for losers
fame and fortune
mercury and friends

freddie you are my champion
freddie you rock my world

Is this the real life-
Is this just fantasy-
Caught in a landslide-
No escape from reality-

Freddie 1946-1991

stop hating.

There is no reason to stop people from getting married. If you want to make people pay all their taxes, and vote, and obey the law, then let people get married regardless of sexual orientation.
What difference does it really make?We all know it's time for change, say no to Prop 8. The first vote was so close, with 98% of the votes counted the results were:


Genius may have its limitations,
but stupidity is not thus handicapped.
- Elbert HubbardI used this to make my photo.

that's what art is.

andy's parties always start late
they never finish early
beautiful artwork and creative space
at andy's parties we're cool

at andy's parties we stay up late
models smoking the and radio on
intellectual passages roll off our tongues
at andy's parties we drink

this one's for you andy.
thanks for expressing yourself. xo

Did anyone else notice how popular...

it was to be a Zombie this Halloween?
Hmm. Interesting.
I Zombied out so hard 2 weeks prior.
But, you already knew that.


On Saturday afternoon I watched a movie. The movie was called Savage Grace. The cinematography was beautiful. The story was filled with sexual encounters. It was a whimsical lifestyle that was beautifully lived out in New York, Paris and Spain. Old money let them live a very free life. They had the time to get into trouble in relationships and explore many different personal interests.

I warn you, it was at times, very homoerotique. Savage Grace is based on the book Savage Grace by Natalie Robins and Steven M.L.Anderson which is based on the relationship of Barbara Daly Baekeland and her son Antony.


This weekend I stopped into the comic shop near Queen & Bathurst. Didn't pick anything up . I was looking for a comic of my sister, Supergirl. She wasn't there. As I left I was distracted by this logo, NerdGirl Pinups...sounds hot. I went to the site but I didn't see anything nerdy enough for my nerdiness. I was decidedly inspired before I went to the site and wore out my nerdy glasses on Friday night. I'd like to have my own nerdy photo shoot. I came, a blog by a nerdy girl who likes gadgets. The best nerd girl site I found is which is uber cool and much hotter. These Superbabes nerd out there.

Transformer Man

c a s i e s t e w a r t . c o m says:

do you have a blackberry there

A.L says:


A.L says:

they dont use them here

c a s i e s t e w a r t . c o m says:

what do they use?

A.L says:

the phones here are blaz'n haz'n

c a s i e s t e w a r t . c o m says:


A.L says:

blackberries ain't got shit on the transformers they use

c a s i e s t e w a r t . c o m says:

omg sick

A.L says:

its asia dammit

c a s i e s t e w a r t . c o m says:

i want a transformer man

A.L says:

that sounds a little different

A.L says:

a transformer man?

A.L says:

what exactly is that?

c a s i e s t e w a r t . c o m says:

transformer, man.

c a s i e s t e w a r t . c o m says:

comma use - foul

A.L says:


A.L says:

alright doodie im outta here

A.L says:


A.L says:

thanks for the love

c a s i e s t e w a r t . c o m says:

back at ya

c a s i e s t e w a r t . c o m says:


A.L says:


A.L says:

nice pic by the way

c a s i e s t e w a r t . c o m says:

thanks. was thursday outside. was fucking hot out.

A.L says:


A.L says:

later buddski

c a s i e s t e w a r t . c o m says: