pants off party

My invite is on its way I guess...

"I have a Jager machine in my bus and one in the dressing room. I also have a new dressing-room rule, which I started over the summer: You must remove one article of clothing- your pants, your top- ore else you are not allowed in my dressing room. So in order to come back and dance and party you gotta take off some clothing. That gets the fucking party started so quick. Everyone’s walking around topless, and shit’s going, music’s bumping, girls are dancing on the table, and you’re like, Okay this is perfect."

- Tommy Lee tells the new issue of Playboy

thanks betsy

My darling love, Ms. Betsy J. is planning a limited-edition design collaboration with an undisclosed retailer. Yahooooooooooooooooo! She's reducing costs on her next runway show and creating a recession proof line of clothes that are more affordable for kids like us.

the promiscuous economist reader

This week the Economist published an interesting article entitled "Sex and the Citizen'. It showed a detailed breakdown of what countries are the most promiscuous. I found it interesting. They surveyed 14,000 people in 48 countries. Questions ranged from "how many one-night stands have you had?" to" is sex without love acceptable, or sex with casual partners?". Researchers gathered the answers and determined the results. I found the comments on the article to be quite interesting!
It's a bit funny actually. Finland and New Zealand rank highest and Bangladesh and Taiwan are the lowest. I'm pretty surprised that France, Italy and Australia were not closer to the top of the list! Boooya!

what a little snot face

Miss ScarJo has a cold and blew her nose. She blew it two times.

This Little Miss
went on NBC's "Tonight" talk show this week to promote her new movie, "The Spirit." Supposedly, she'd caught the cold from co-star Samuel L. Jackson, and felt her illness had value because it was passed down from one celebrity to another. How cheese. Leno handed her a tissue and after spreading some germs with her snot and a bit of lipstick she decided to sell it on eBay to raise money for the hunger relief charity USA Harvest. the most interesting part is...Thursday morning, the snot rag had over 60 bids and some dick face is paying $2,050.

I have a cold too. My bid starts at $100. Who wants it?