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My first post on this blog was April 2006 and the first post on the new guy is today, May 8 2009. My birthday. Change your links/RSS and get your eyes & fingaz to the new site and have fun.

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the brighest sun in the sky

Is shining down today. Its warm out. I feel happy. I'm extremely grateful for the friends I have in my life. I love you. I jumped out of bed this morning and put on one of my new bathing suits from the Billabong sample sale. I got two amazing bikini's and a hot one piece. Great deals. It's still on today at 67 Mowat if you're interested. There's mad deals. I think I'll be wearing them all day! Still no plan for later, we'll just have to see how the day goes! I like it that way.

something from my old guy

I read over this blog and I think, I know I wrote all this stuff but it boggles my mind trying to remember where and when. I read it and I develop a feeling, a memory, something familiar. Last year on this day I was in Quebec City & Montreal for the first time. Was good fun and very relaxing. Makes me thingk, I feel like I could really use a get away.

one more day and i'm one year older

Each year when I birthday rolls around I feel a bit of anxiety planning something that's 'all about me'. I know that seems surprising because I write about myself each day, but this is like a diary and I write to remember. I love planning events, but events for other people, charity and helping others. It's easier when it's not all about me, although I obviously like the attention. So, when everyone asks 'what are you doing for your birthday?' I rarely have one answer and it usually results in anxiety. I'm gonna be home tomorrow night and have some friends over. I think it would be asshole of me to expect a big shout out when I don't have the cash to pay for it all. Wait till next year...I'll start planning waaaay early to alleviate the last minute anxiety I'm facing now. All week I've been seeing friends and doing fun things. The things is, that's not much different from all the other days. I try to make sure that my friends know I love them and that I am very thankful to have them in my life. This the best birthday gift anyone could ask for. This picture I love.

It's a little bit funny this feeling inside I'm not one of those who can easily hide

I wake up and have a quick shower before getting dressed. I wear pants today. I put on a dress shirt, the tuxedo one and a heart shaped locket without any photos in it. It's long and silver and dangles as I gather my things and reach for my coat. Glasses, keys, phone, camera, do you have everything? I say to myself as I pick up my laptop carry case and head for the elevator. It's not too slow today, I get to the ground and lead the herd our the door to work. I dry off my seat from the rain. I unlock and mount my bicyclette. The air is cool but warm on my face as I photograph the skyline over the lake. I steer towards the office. It's cloudy and grey yet very beautiful. I feel free and alive and barely notice how my body aches for the first two days back on the road. It feels great. I arrive in the village greeted by the hustle and bustle of a place that thrives from nine to five. The train must have just left. There is a pleasant joy in the air; spring is here to stay. Smiling inside, I ride over the old brick road through the train tracks to the back of the factory. For the first time I dream of working in an art factory, my own. I park my bike and head inside. I arrive in ten minutes, this ten minutes glides me through the day. I'm ready to work today. I have the day off tomorrow, it's my 27 birthday: May 8, 2009.

run.on.sentence #328

today i am feeling a bit of a cold and possibly by the news reports with all the tragedy and gun fights that happened last night some others are feeling cold too i'm staying in all day and i'm wearing a pirate shirt and i put the zombie tattoo on again last night because i love it i've got pen and paper and links in my fingers to share and i'm going to write about things that i like because that is what like to do and it makes me happy when i do it and i'm glad to know that other people like reading it because there is nothing more fun than making art and sharing it with people you like andy warhol told me once that being good in business is the best kind of art and i totally agree with that its the best and most free that you can be just creating things and putting it out there

closer to god

The day begins to come to an end and I find my mind wandering, wondering. I listen to CBC Classical online. I feel relaxed and look forward to riding home and the breeze in my hair. I'm picking up my Edie Sedgwick dress from Peach Beserk this evening. Made to order and tailored to fit. I always liked Andy Warhol, as long as I can remember. I was walking through this outdoor mallway over the weekend, I think it's beautiful.Listening to this music I feel inspired to write, to read more Ogden Nash and to create things that never existed before. My coffee is warm and so is the air around me. It's comforting and leaves me feeling safe. My shoulders are bare and the light is barely coming through the clouds. I really love the movie Closer, there is something so real about the relationships between the characters and their melancholy love tales. Natalie, Clive, Jude and Julia, good kids. I feel it in my legs, the biking from yesterday. Tomorrow there is a Billabong sample sale at 67 Mowat Avenue. Two weeks ago I wished they would have one so I could get a new bathing suit for my birthday, then I got an email a couple days later. Thank you universe, you listen to my thoughts and you bring me closer.

mum says i need a helmet

Last night I had a bbq with some of my besties ever. Our boy @NickiP is visiting from Curacao and we took it to the roof and roasted some meat. The sky was full of colour and the tower was unobstructed.Mum rung me last night knowing that I'm back on the bike and insisted that ask I my online friends to help me find something to protect my head. When I was younger Mum said "No more riding bike without helmet" and from then on I never rode a bike until I moved out of the house. I had a BMX bike in Bondi that had pegs on the back. This red cruiser is my favorite.Please help me find a red helmet that's not mortifying. I want to wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet may not be 'the coolest' but neither is being brain dead.

Please leave a comment or link or something if you have any suggestions. Mum wants it to be red too.

cartoon motion

Sometimes I wish I was a cartoon. I would run up walls and jump and fly and all kinds of super things. I saw Wolverine movie last night. Hugh JACKman should be called 'Hugh jacked man'. He's massive. I really like the Bloor Varsity - VIP section. You can order a bevvy & food to your seat.
Did some serious writing when I got home last night. The book gets closer every day. I paid my friend whose laid off to clean my room. What a surprise to come home to, a floor and closet full of clothes. An old book from the 1940's lay on my desk from Mum. I picked up the book and as I opened the fragile cover I read "The Face is Familiar: Selected Verse by Ogden Nash". He died on May 19, 1971 and was one of the worlds best humor poets. He inspires me to write/publish some of my quite funny ones. I like his style very much, I do.

hop to it kiddios

Hopscotch on Queen Street starring Casie from Vimeo.

Hopefully you're noticed that you can now comment on blog using Facebook Connect. This allows you to leave a comment and not have to enter your information and gives you the opportunity ability to publish in your FB news feed also. This is cool. Twitter Trackbacks should be there too. I'm making lots of changes this week and moving blog to Wordpress on Friday. I'm stoked. I've been working at this for years and it's growing to the point where some really awesome stuff is happening. If you or someone you know wants to advertise with me or on le blog I'm taking bids. This is my blog and I only want to advertise things I like, luckily, I like lots of stuff and am open to making new friends. Have your peeps email mine: casie at casiestewart.com

generation why me? urgh, gimme a break.

You may have seen the article in the Toronto Star this weekend on Saturday's front cover entitled 'Generation Why Me?' It was related to recession, broken dreams and delayed ambitions.
So I think 30 IS the new 20 and after reading the article, I refer to what Mum likes to call 'poor me syndrome'. There are alot of people who are just lazy and unmotivated. This will never change, no matter what happens in the world. Sure, we're faced with environmental/ economic/war crisis happening but we also have more access to information, more opportunity to succeed and more ways to gaining expertise for free. Hello Internet? There are things out there you just have to go and get them, the strong will survive. I've got a B.Comm in International Business & marketing diploma - I work in the IT dept coordinating project sfor an online gaming company. Before this was the fashion industry! I've worked in restaurants, done PR blah blah blah...I've never had a problem finding a job because I've always been determine NOT to fail.I also agree with @d_hock the most, if someone is going to complain & wah wah about 'poor me, I'm GenY', I say...shut your face. Get up and do something about it! I have many more thoughts the awesomeness that is #GenyTO but I'll save that for another day.

may the forth be with you

Beautiful day. Cutest puppy ever - chihuahua/pug. Totally pet that little guy. If you're in a hurry don't go near Fresh & Wild at Spadina. Nice and tasty but slow compared to a factory like Starbucks. Wearing the gladiators today. Feeling glad. Its May the Forth and it's a wonderful day. Lots of birthday wishes coming my way. Heading to a HotDoc tonight, hopefully Objectified.

I am a really lucky girl. I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life. Birthday week is all about connecting with my friends and thanking them for being themselves. Its important to let them know. Tomorrow night is hair done with Darren Kwik and out with friends from overseas. Thursday is Opera. Friday casiestewart.com goes to live on Wordpress and its my bday. Reminder: Pick up Edie dress from Peach Beserk! I'd like a new computer. I really hate when people wear those huge earphones. Are you DJing right now? I feel like grabbing both muffs with opposite hands and pushing tight around neck into face. The thought crosses my mind each time I am witness. It will now cross yours. Have a wonderful day! I've never seen #starwars.

friend, chicken and waffles for brekky

The Drake Hotel has great breakfast. The thing that makes it most the great of all is when you get a seat in the sunshine and you can watch people around you. Interesting. Entertaining. Cute. Stylish. Unique. Some smart. Some insane. My favorites.There was a guy carrying around a Marxism book. I think it was an accessory. Does anyone really read a 10 pound old Marx novel or do they just 'carry it for looks'? I think the latter. I like lattes and grapefruit. I had a pretty standard brekky but I did recently have the Southern fried chicken and waffles. I told the waffles girls they need to check that shiz out when they are in town this week. Hopefully we can meet. Been sharing mutual love online.

#awesomistic #tfc #birthdayweek

Yesterday at the TFC was amazing. I've never wanted to be a fan of a game as much as I did being in th. I had a blast. I'm very grateful that my friend took me. I yelled my guts out. Clapped, whistled, jumped up and down and made friends. It was a tie and the fans are the most intense I've ever seen in pro sports. The weather was a roller coaster of fun. Rain, sun, rain, sun, rain, sun. Luckily Av had these killer TFC rain parkas that he got during the first season.I sat in the rain and drank my beer and I was warm and dry. I love the skyline. This is a great city.
I was also super satisfied with the food. I had a chip butty. Last time I had a chip butty I was 12 and at Shelly Beach in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. I was with my family and Mum caught a flounder with a stick. I also went swimming with with dolphins about an hour out in the ocean. It was absolutely amazing.
This photo is amazing; BMO/Carlsberg, don't be shy now, you know you love it. I made friends with some cool peeps after the game. I was drinking on the Carlsberg tab at Brazen and checked out that bestmate.ca contest you told me about. Entered it. Not sure where I can see my profile? I also met a lovely babe from MAC at Rasputin Vodka Bar. Cool place. Looking forward to being better friends with MAC and Carlsberg.

H1N1 ~ HINI = hiney = ( flu+who)

I'm going to the TFC game today with a friend. Excited and dressed the part. My friend has a TFC scarf for me so I can really be 'in' it. I've been once before but this is birthday related which makes it better. I think that H1N1 is a better name for the flu but it also looks like 'hini' which sounds like 'hiney' which rhymes with swiney which is funny. And the flu was named by the WHO. Make the connection. I did. Stephen Harper called it the Mexican Flu the other day. I LMFAO. Had breakfast at School in Liberty Village. They're kinda slow and the patio wasn't open. I like the way it looks there. Very schooley. I was at the CONTACT opening last night. Will post about that later. Have some q&a to finish up.

reminder: one week from today

Next Friday, May 8th, 2009 is a day that commemorates 27 years since I came into the world; my birthday! My Mum, whom I've told you a zillion times is tres awesome sent me an early present that arrived today. I love you Mum.

My head is kinda cut off kinda but whatever. If you want to send me something for my birthday or test our your product and need my mailing address, please ask. I'd be more than glad to give it to you, I love getting mail & presents!!

so, like, who's your friend?

Check out this little feature about yours truly on Canadian Blog Friends. They contacted me recently to profile me and my blog. They said I've been doing good. I think that's great. The site, Canada Blog Friends is an index of our nation’s best blogs. I'm happy to now be added to the mix! Check it out & leave a comment on there. I'd be really happy for you to share your thoughts. Thanks for all the love