may the forth be with you

Beautiful day. Cutest puppy ever - chihuahua/pug. Totally pet that little guy. If you're in a hurry don't go near Fresh & Wild at Spadina. Nice and tasty but slow compared to a factory like Starbucks. Wearing the gladiators today. Feeling glad. Its May the Forth and it's a wonderful day. Lots of birthday wishes coming my way. Heading to a HotDoc tonight, hopefully Objectified.

I am a really lucky girl. I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life. Birthday week is all about connecting with my friends and thanking them for being themselves. Its important to let them know. Tomorrow night is hair done with Darren Kwik and out with friends from overseas. Thursday is Opera. Friday goes to live on Wordpress and its my bday. Reminder: Pick up Edie dress from Peach Beserk! I'd like a new computer. I really hate when people wear those huge earphones. Are you DJing right now? I feel like grabbing both muffs with opposite hands and pushing tight around neck into face. The thought crosses my mind each time I am witness. It will now cross yours. Have a wonderful day! I've never seen #starwars.

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