what make? who says?

I'm watching a Beautiful Mind on Diva.

Every time I watch this movie I feel a special connection to it. I have many times throughout my life felt like an outsider because of the way I thought about things. It has always been different than anyone else since I was a wee little lady. Mum said I used to pick out all my own outfits and match them my own way, I used to make art that was beyond my years too. I remember Mum getting into a fight with my grade 8 art teacher because she hid my work in her office and when Mum went to buy it in the art sale, it wasn't there. This is all interesting but my question is, what really defines a genius? A test? A way of thinking? Being really good at something?

A genius is a person who successfully applies a previously unknown technique in the production of a work of art, science or calculation, or who masters and personalizes a known technique. A genius typically possesses great intelligence or remarkable abilities in a specific subject, or shows an exceptional natural capacity of intellect and/or ability, especially in the production of creative and original work, something that has never been seen or evaluated previously. Traits often associated with genius include strong individuality, imagination, uniqueness, and innovative drive. [Source: Wikipedia.]

the lake looks icy cold

I can see Lake Ontario from my window and let me tell you, it looks damn cold ,nearly frozen. I was feeling quite chilly myself and went for a dip in my pool. The water was surprisingly warm and since it is enclosed in glass, the sun was shining brightly. Perfect for a lazy Sunday! Thanks to American Apparel for the suit. It's evening and I'm watching Thomas Crown Affair on FOX. God, I love this movie. It just started!! Woo Hoo!

Tweeps - The Festival is Coming!

I'm excited to announce that Twestival Toronto is just around the corner. It will be hosted at Circa on February 12th. If you don't know Twitter, seriously, get on it!! Join Toronto and 100 other cities around the world for a global party that will help save lives. All the proceeds from Tickets go to charity:water. "Over the last few years Twitter has gained popularity, function, and millions of fans around the world. More importantly its provided unprecedented accessibility and a sense of community between people who would otherwise remain strangers." I am on the PR team to help out with the festival, if you would like to share ideas or get involved, let me know.

This is a fascinating video about charity:water. If you have tips on saving water you can Tweet with the hashtag #savewater to join the discussion.

Check out the PSA below and imagine
what you would do without clean water.

button eye face

For the past hour I've been in a fantasy world on www.coraline.com. There are some interesting things in that world. I travelled into 'Other Mother' territory and buttoned my eyes shut. I made a brand new flower design in the magical garden and called it Casie Stewart. You can watch the trailer here. On the surface, this parallel reality is eerily similar to Coraline's real life, yet the people seem much better. It comes out Feb.6th.

remove ourselves from everyday life

Sometimes I want to escape. Sometimes I want to fly. Sometimes I want to hide away and not see anyone. Sometimes I want to see everyone. I am always different, yet always the same. My thoughts often change and move in different directions. My feelings go up and down and around the corner. My state of mind is a product of my thoughts and feelings.
I've been looking at a series of artistic photographs by Greg Stekleman. They all have a person removed and replaced with a drawing. Kinda like Tom Goes to the Mayor videos but cooler and more artistic. The guy in the one below is a stud. The couch is ugly but I barely even noticed.

where would you like to wake up tomorrow?

I just watched this video on Fifty People One Question. I like the site concept. They have asked two questions and received nine hundred and sixty-four responses from five hundred and thirty-one cities. It was quite lovely watching this video.

My answer: I'd like to wake up at Bondi Beach on Hall Street with my sister and a few of my best friends. It is beautiful there. It's summer, it's over 25 degrees Celsius and the forecast says sunny all week.