The Eagle in Love

at home. watching movie. soulful music. warm inside. glowing. tower. dark night sky.don't be gentle. you are fragile. deserving care. beautiful singing voice i hear. it's yours across the ocean, through the trees, it soars the sky and lands with me. its all i ever wanted.

Hot Zombie Girl

A Saturday in Kensington

We went into "This Ain't the Rosedale" to check out some books. I got 2 really creative mini ones that fit great in the purse. I love those little ones.

Trying on fancy hats is always one of my favorite things to do, along with trying on stuff and taking my picture in it. I went to Bungalow and as I was leaving but then found this totally rad dress that was black with RED LEATHER! I knew it must be tried on, by me. Obviously.

I went to the Cameron House and the bathroom stall I went into your DJ Scootz in it from 2007. Rad! Charlie and I read books there and listened to some live music. He tried on my glasses and put his book upside down for the pic by accident. I
think it looks intellectual.

I dug for some scarves to find jems. Got hooked up these. Those vintage babies were only a buck a piece. God I love that, I make it look a million bux!

All & all, I haven't had a Saturday afternoon in Kensi like that for a couple weeks and it was lovely.

Too Sexy

beach sanctuary
scenery socially sexually
each shoulder lies next to me
and all the lassies in the land
never match her tiny hand
she seduces me so sensually
and i wanna taste her

Wrap you Up in Bacon

Yesterday I was in Kensington and walked past and interesting art project. It was a tree standing tall and alone dressed in meat. In the middle of the tree was a nest made of real fish and contained what looked like an egg that was made out of meat also. The crew around the tree with a camera were capturing the reaction of people to the art installation. I peeked into the nest to snap a photo and just about fell into the thing. The meat looked quite gross but I really could appreciate the time it took and art concept. I must say I have never seen something of that sort. I do not recommend touching it as I kinda find it disgusting, as you would, but I do recommend passing through Kensington and checking it out. The artist close to remain anonymous.Was a nice sunny day yesterday, maybe it's cooked now!

Yesterday, I was vintage.

I totally had the raddest day yesterday. I had brekky at Niche with Simon and talked about the Internet. I met Charlie near Bellwoods and passed by Ella's for a latte and Apt. 909 to check out some vintage stuff. I love that shop so very much. I'd tell more about about how great it is and where and such but I wanna keep all the clothes in the shop for myself, really. We strolled around Kensington and went to book shops. I got a few jems for the day including these glasses and a scarf that is all the colours vintage really is. I bought it because Charlie said that when he sees it he is reminded of vintage and that it was classic. Obvi, I agreed.

Kills today..............??!!

I don't have any Zobie makeup.
Maybe they will have some at the park for me to put on??

My Old Homey

I went to university in Australia and I lived at Bondi Beach. It is the most fabulous place that I ever had the chance of living. While I was there I surfed, played in the sand, and every once in a while, attended classes at my uni in Sydney. Something that really and truly made it so wonderful is the people that i was there with and the people whom I met along my travels. One morning at about 7am I was dragging my feet through the crystal clear water feeling the sun shine on my face, wrote my favorite poem. It goes a little something like this...

As the waves crashed on the shore,
the wind washed them away.

And as I walked along the sand,

I felt I could not stray.

For I was walking towards the sun,
and it was a brand new day.
- Casie Stewart, 2004

How Fucking True is Dat

My friend Matt posted this today. Its from Liquor Land in Australia, how lovely and true that they put that on a bag as the Christmas greeting. Just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.