A Saturday in Kensington

We went into "This Ain't the Rosedale" to check out some books. I got 2 really creative mini ones that fit great in the purse. I love those little ones.

Trying on fancy hats is always one of my favorite things to do, along with trying on stuff and taking my picture in it. I went to Bungalow and as I was leaving but then found this totally rad dress that was black with RED LEATHER! I knew it must be tried on, by me. Obviously.

I went to the Cameron House and the bathroom stall I went into your DJ Scootz in it from 2007. Rad! Charlie and I read books there and listened to some live music. He tried on my glasses and put his book upside down for the pic by accident. I
think it looks intellectual.

I dug for some scarves to find jems. Got hooked up these. Those vintage babies were only a buck a piece. God I love that, I make it look a million bux!

All & all, I haven't had a Saturday afternoon in Kensi like that for a couple weeks and it was lovely.