Yesterday, I was vintage.

I totally had the raddest day yesterday. I had brekky at Niche with Simon and talked about the Internet. I met Charlie near Bellwoods and passed by Ella's for a latte and Apt. 909 to check out some vintage stuff. I love that shop so very much. I'd tell more about about how great it is and where and such but I wanna keep all the clothes in the shop for myself, really. We strolled around Kensington and went to book shops. I got a few jems for the day including these glasses and a scarf that is all the colours vintage really is. I bought it because Charlie said that when he sees it he is reminded of vintage and that it was classic. Obvi, I agreed.


APT909 said...

Hey Casie!!! Thank you for putting thing about us!!
I hope see you at shop soon!!!