My Old Homey

I went to university in Australia and I lived at Bondi Beach. It is the most fabulous place that I ever had the chance of living. While I was there I surfed, played in the sand, and every once in a while, attended classes at my uni in Sydney. Something that really and truly made it so wonderful is the people that i was there with and the people whom I met along my travels. One morning at about 7am I was dragging my feet through the crystal clear water feeling the sun shine on my face, wrote my favorite poem. It goes a little something like this...

As the waves crashed on the shore,
the wind washed them away.

And as I walked along the sand,

I felt I could not stray.

For I was walking towards the sun,
and it was a brand new day.
- Casie Stewart, 2004


Anonymous said...

love Bondi, love you! xo buddy xo