sometimes i think i'm so cool

I've been going through my old hard drive and I've managed to dig up some jems from years ago when I used to go out 'clubbing'. In this one my friend is smoking a dube. haha. They used to allow smoking inside back then, lots of cigarettes in this photo. Sorry Mum.
Moxie Halloween. That's my old lady mask. It rules. Dad used to wear it when he took us trick or treating. It is so old and scary. It looks real and totally freaks people out. My costume was an 'old sexy bag' my shirt said that on the back, I made it. It was right when 'Sexy Back' came out.
Moxie Promotions Princess party: We all wore crowns and big puffy skirts. It was really fun. My hair was so long. This is Hannah. She is also the Power Ranger.
What kinda outfit is this? Fishnets under bathing suit? Nice real nice. Pretty cool when you go to the Guvernment in 2005.
I hope you will enjoy these guys like I did. Don't be shy on the comments. I know I had a few!!

gone beserk!!!!!!!!

I've been called crazy more times than I care to count. So, when I wanted something really unique and crazy couture I could only think of Peach Beserk. If you're the kind of kid who doesn't like to be seen wearing the same things as someone else or you're looking for that unique, stylish prom dress, get it there. You can have whatever you like printed, fitted and made just for you. I ordered an Edie Sedgwick print stretch dress for my birthday in May.
I had an awesome time just being in the shop and learning. I took part in drawing a design, making the screen and then using the paint to do my very first screen print. I have a feeling this could become my new favorite. Imagine the freedom!My dress had been worn a few times and I carefully put my little design & name on it. PB has heaps of famous ladies wearing their stuff including Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Portia de Rossi, Bif Naked, Caroline Rhea, and Miss Paula Abdul among others.
I kinda wished I was back in high school so I could make a crazy print prom dress and show all the kids that I was cooler than them. I remember I wore pants to one once and that was a real shocker back then.
Peach Beserk just recently launched an online dress designer. They also ship to anywhere in the world, so don't be shy if you're not from Toronto. If you didn't check it out when I first told you, check it out now! You will love it. I do.

tag those greenbacks

Would you get in trouble if you tagged a URL on cash?
What if you wrote your twitter name?
Would it help you keep track of your money?
Yesterday I came across this fine stamped bill at a friends place as we were celebrating the greatness that was yesterday. Seems the Black Diamond Riders have stamped their bills. Interesting. I'm sure I'd get haterade from someone if I marked up the bills I use! Is it worth a shot? Hmm.

go fly a kite, a huge one

I'm really looking forward to summer as I always do this time of year. I'm definitely a summer kinda girl. H and I went to the beaches this weekend. It was awesome to put my feet in the sand.
It was really relaxing to take a stroll on the boardwalk in the sun (and wind). There were heaps of people out from the TO Kiting community. Kiting is really hard. Last summer I went with 'kiter' friends up to North Sauble for the weekend and I didn't even get in the water. Just handling one of those big units is tough work. I went on my friends back while he was kiting and we totally got some air. It was awesome and scary at the same time. I loved it.