sometimes i think i'm so cool

I've been going through my old hard drive and I've managed to dig up some jems from years ago when I used to go out 'clubbing'. In this one my friend is smoking a dube. haha. They used to allow smoking inside back then, lots of cigarettes in this photo. Sorry Mum.
Moxie Halloween. That's my old lady mask. It rules. Dad used to wear it when he took us trick or treating. It is so old and scary. It looks real and totally freaks people out. My costume was an 'old sexy bag' my shirt said that on the back, I made it. It was right when 'Sexy Back' came out.
Moxie Promotions Princess party: We all wore crowns and big puffy skirts. It was really fun. My hair was so long. This is Hannah. She is also the Power Ranger.
What kinda outfit is this? Fishnets under bathing suit? Nice real nice. Pretty cool when you go to the Guvernment in 2005.
I hope you will enjoy these guys like I did. Don't be shy on the comments. I know I had a few!!


Anonymous said...

you are cool

40deuce said...

I like to wear fishnets under my bathing suit sometimes too