#awesomistic #tfc #birthdayweek

Yesterday at the TFC was amazing. I've never wanted to be a fan of a game as much as I did being in th. I had a blast. I'm very grateful that my friend took me. I yelled my guts out. Clapped, whistled, jumped up and down and made friends. It was a tie and the fans are the most intense I've ever seen in pro sports. The weather was a roller coaster of fun. Rain, sun, rain, sun, rain, sun. Luckily Av had these killer TFC rain parkas that he got during the first season.I sat in the rain and drank my beer and I was warm and dry. I love the skyline. This is a great city.
I was also super satisfied with the food. I had a chip butty. Last time I had a chip butty I was 12 and at Shelly Beach in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. I was with my family and Mum caught a flounder with a stick. I also went swimming with with dolphins about an hour out in the ocean. It was absolutely amazing.
This photo is amazing; BMO/Carlsberg, don't be shy now, you know you love it. I made friends with some cool peeps after the game. I was drinking on the Carlsberg tab at Brazen and checked out that bestmate.ca contest you told me about. Entered it. Not sure where I can see my profile? I also met a lovely babe from MAC at Rasputin Vodka Bar. Cool place. Looking forward to being better friends with MAC and Carlsberg.