tap that.

Some new tapes around, I like. I like. I like.
This is especially cool.
Door goes here.....
Tap that. Check it out.

More POTent than ever?

...now put this in your pipe and smoke it!

Here's some interesting news from the WIRED Blog:

Modern agriculture hasn't just made beef cows beefier and corn cornier, it's also made pot more potty.

The potency of marijuana, measured by the presence of its (psycho)active ingredient, THC, has tripled since 1987, according to the latest figures from the Department of Justice's National Drug Intelligence Center.

The new data from the University of Mississippi Potency Monitoring Project — which is not just a group of your college buddies talking about the differences between now and the old days — was released in the 2009 National Drug Threat Assessment.

The Department of Justice attributed the steadily rising numbers to "increased demand for higher-potency marijuana and improvements in cultivation techniques." [more]

making artsy stuff

On the weekend I was making artsy stuff.
I painted my arm and made some drawings.

totally wired

Today I got the new issue of Wired Magazine. Yahoo!! The cover article is titles 'The Truth About Cancer: Don't try to cure it. Just find it.". Looks interesting! There's also an article about Obama & a smarter plan for tech and science. Looking forward to sitting down to read it over the holidays!

snow. wind. snow. wind. snow. wind. sunshine.

It was totally insane Friday when the snow was coming down like mad. I could barely see out of my windows. The building across the street was showing very restricted visibility despite being so close! We've had crazy noise from the wind! Scary when you're out on that balconia!!

getting crafty for the holidays

I made a whole bunch of holiday cards this year. I've made several for people in the past including my mum's whole set last year! I did it a little different this year using oil paints, paper and markers. They turned out pretty cool! I take custom orders. Cut and paste is one of my favorite activities overall.

bloody hangnail!!!!

Last night my sister and I were thinking how annoying it is to have a hangnail. Especially when you accidentally cut your own self with your own hang nail. The worst case scenario would be if you cut your own face. Thus, the following sketch was inspired...

nice...um, chest.

I like it very much so.

More and More on the Redness

The Red String protects us from the influences of the Evil Eye. Evil eye is a very powerful negative force. It refers to the unfriendly stare and unkind glances we sometimes get from people around us. Envious eyes and looks of ill will affect us, stopping us from realizing our full potential in every area of our life.[more]

HOW TO: Have someone you love to tie the Red String to your left wrist. First, have them tie the string closely around your wrist with a simple knot. Repeat by knotting the string six more times for a total of seven knots. Now make a promise to yourself that you will refrain from negative thoughts or talk about others. This harmful behavior will interfere with your effort to gain personal fulfillment and protection. Then have the person finish by saying the Ben Porat Prayer (read from right to left) which prevents others from giving us the evil eye.[more]

holiday spirit?

Mine seems to have slipped out of my soul this year for the first time in my life. I'm heading home to see my family on the Eve and back on Boxing day. I'll be at DeeJayScootz party downtown on the West side on Boxing Day. Not too much planned otherwise. This weather makes me want to stay inside where is is warm in my condo with my nice big TV, lots of movies, my man, friends and just a few other things. I bought a box of turtles last night and they are almost gone, I only shared a few. I've been sketching lots of stuff the past week that will soon be on borderline artistic so keep ya eyes peeled!!

eight crazy nights

its that time of year again...

The cards for the holidays on someecards.com are a total riot. This one is not so funny but touches on an important point. Many people spell is differently, however, its really the same.
This one on postsecret is more heart warming.

she looking better for sure

If you haven't seen it yet, here's a link to Amy's topless dance that seems to be all over the place. Not really that exciting however it is great for her cracked out ass to be putting on some pounds this holiday season. Hopefully she sticks to weed cause crack is whack.