Sarkozy & Palin - Punked

Palin cracks me up. Listening to this is quite funny. She doesn't actually talk about anything. It seems like she is just flirting and doesn't know what to say to him. She talks about how his wife Carla Bruni has added alot of 'energy' to France and to 'give her a big hug'. The Masked Avengers make a good joke asking if Joe the Plumber is her husband. Like that one. She stays on the phone for about 7 minutes. The Globe and Mail published a transcript of the entire call.
Carla Bruni is hot.

Pass for Cash

Upper Class.

Social Class.

A cool class.

A school class.

You can pass,
if you got the cash.

2006 - Me.

Be Inspired

I sat in on a friends class a few years ago at University of Waterloo. I do not remember what she was taking as her major but I have always taken a liking to university classes no mater what genre. The class I attended this particular day was on focused on Shakespeare. It made me think "Shakespeare is fascinating, I want to be fascinating". I came up with two things inspired by the class. Often, when I am in class, especially when not a registered student, I am inspired by a variety in topics and unexpected ideas of interest.

acutely ironic
a bird writes a sonnet
sings the sonnet
out of tune
across the river
to a loon

Prof, English

speak prof speak
for what you say
is what you teach

teach prof teach
for i sit here
and yearn to learn

read prof read
for what you do
is how you lead

lead prof lead
for i sit here
and fight to write


I used to know someone who constantly surprised me by their lack of motivation to do anything. To go out, to work hard, have dreams, try, do, any of those type of things that involve stimulus or drive. Their lack of inspiration, inspired me, and for that, I am thankful. This is Lackluster.

dull and boring
uninspired & unmoved
bland and down
uninteresting & unconcerned

spiritless and square

for a matter of fact

that's just you


I look away for a second
The rush of the wave
Approaches my towel
Causing me to spring and move
Out of the way of the ocean

When I lived at the beach I wrote all the time. It was so inspiring and free to be there, I wrote this in 2004 the pic is from Aquabumps. They have the best shots from Bondi and other amazing beaches. I always miss it when I see them but i'm also reminded of how great it is.

Board, Go!

Breathe and surf
Take it in
Oceal pearl
Sandy feet
Salty skin
Running back and forth
Feel the sun
Burning down
Ride it in
Take Me out again!

Fond Memories...

its cold outside and i wanna stay warm

the wind is whipping at my windows
winding my thoughts around
whirlwind words spin
Me, Bondi Beach, Aus, 2004.

Over sand,
Over sea.
On my face,
On my feet.
Growing tall.
Eat your seeds.
Sunny day,
At the beach.