feeling the friday-ness

the sun is shining in my window and
heating up my face. it warms me on the
inside and sets my thoughts in race. the
weekend is almost here and I'm longing
to enjoy it. the rest and relaxation, family,
friends. my thoughts escape my mind
and enter a new reality where can be free.

i'll have a second cup please

This is totally rad! My french press, (which I loved, thanks mum!) broke when I moved into my new condo. Yesterday, I got this amazing contraption from Second Cup. It is a french press on the go. I tested it out today and just like the packaging says, it really does keep your bevvy warm for two hours. I love it. Makes drinking coffee so enjoyable! Get one for your mama!

Giving is the Best Gift EVER!!

Last night I volunteered at an event I have mentioned several times to benefit of the Hospice of Peel. Networking for a Cause was a great success! I was selling tickets and spreading good cheer and THAT was the most fun I could have had.

After work I was feeling a bit down as I have a very close family member who has recently been in hospital and yesterday had to return for some tests which was very scary. I was not feeling like my energetic self. However, instead of staying home and feeling sad, down, or upset, I put on my winter gear and headed over to 244 Adelaide to help out with the event. This opened an HUGE opportunity for sharing and giving. I was instantly filled with joy to help others and raise money for families affected by terminal illness to enjoy a Christmas dinner or buy gifts for the children of the family.

It is a true fact that giving is its own gift. I gave my time and in return, (without asking) I received so much joy that everything else wonderful about the night was a genuine blessing. I met some great people and look forward to building those relationships.

Here's to the holidays!! Give & life!!

All the proceeds raised go directly towards the inaugural Give the Gift of Giving program. To learn more visit the Gift of Giving site here.