Giving is the Best Gift EVER!!

Last night I volunteered at an event I have mentioned several times to benefit of the Hospice of Peel. Networking for a Cause was a great success! I was selling tickets and spreading good cheer and THAT was the most fun I could have had.

After work I was feeling a bit down as I have a very close family member who has recently been in hospital and yesterday had to return for some tests which was very scary. I was not feeling like my energetic self. However, instead of staying home and feeling sad, down, or upset, I put on my winter gear and headed over to 244 Adelaide to help out with the event. This opened an HUGE opportunity for sharing and giving. I was instantly filled with joy to help others and raise money for families affected by terminal illness to enjoy a Christmas dinner or buy gifts for the children of the family.

It is a true fact that giving is its own gift. I gave my time and in return, (without asking) I received so much joy that everything else wonderful about the night was a genuine blessing. I met some great people and look forward to building those relationships.

Here's to the holidays!! Give & life!!

All the proceeds raised go directly towards the inaugural Give the Gift of Giving program. To learn more visit the Gift of Giving site here.