A Toast

To my girl T, for her Birthday

Today's the day you're 24 and each day my dear, I love you more.
I wish your dreams to all come true and love, luck and laughter to carry you through.
Take this year to set your goals, live them out and don't feel old.
You are loved by many near and far, who cherish you just the way you are.

Happy Birthday
- Written by me in
March 2008

No Seaguls - Just Eagles

It really does not matter what you have, what you had, want, or what you own. You are whoever you want to be. How you perceive yourself has the biggest impact on how others perceive you, this is my belief and something I live. It was my dear mum that ingrained in me, "just because you don't have money, doesn't mean you can't compete, you just have to be more creative". Luckily for myself, I've always been rich in that department. The book in this post is one that I really, truly love and admire. It is written by Paul Arden one of the world's top advertising guys who comes from a great career with Saatchi & Saatchi.

This is not merely a 'book', this is a bible for the creative, those driven to succeed who couldn't even ever imagine what it's like to 'think inside the box'. It has taught me tools to succeed in the world, to dream the unimaginable, to break the rules, and make my own path, leaving trails for others to follow. This book is about stretching the mind and thinking about where you want to be in the world. Do you want to be well known? The best in your field? Your country? Best in the world? Or best in the universe?
You decide. I know where I want to be.

Map & Quest

Create that Roadmap,
Flip that switch.
Focus. Sit down.
Distractions become meaningless.
Think it through.
Write it down and
Read it back.
Life's an elastic
pulling you in,
and you're gonna sink
if you don't swim.
- Casie Jan 22, 2008

It was my beauty...

As you may be aware, I have a bike. I love this bike and I love riding it. A while ago I was riding my bike in a beautiful long summer dress which was flowing & big glasses gleaming. As I approached a traffic light ,I was paired beside a truck of men who were clearly involved in some type of labour work. They were obviously enjoying my bike ride just about as much as I was. At that point, the light changed, I proceeded to pedal forward. They drove forward. I continued, and they, totally fucking rear ended the car in front of them. I tried my best not to laugh, when an elderly man turned to me and said, "You better get out of here little lady, those boys are going to be mighty embarrassed if they see you around". The End.