♥ Short Story: My FIDO Casting Tour Experience

Q: Please tell me everything you can recall about the FIDO Casting Tour at Yonge & Dundas Square.

A: As I was looking with curiosity, a young girl stopped me on the sidewalk to fill out a short survey that would allow me eligibility to win $500. And of course, I welcomed the opportunity. After, I walked past the diaplay and gave my boyfriend a big kiss as he went back to work after lunch. I however, was curious to see what was going on with this truck, the people, and all the cute FIDO Dog photos. As I approached the front of the display I was welcomed by two friendly young men who asked if I wanted to have my picture taken for FIDO. I thought to myself, "I love having my picture taken!", and walked up the stairs with a smile . I saw a crouded little studio as a man with a camera and a nice girl showed me to the far right side where there was a clean white background. He explained that he was going to ask me to show a bunch of expressions and I said with excement, "how fun!!". I went throught happy, sad, angry, lonley, and excited. It was clear after viewing that EXCITED was my most pure expression. We chose my face to be matched with that of a playfull puppy and I thanked them for taking my photo. There was a big line to match your photo to a dog face on the spot and I close to have it sent via email and do the match at home. There are heaps of photos to match your face to and I believe it was over 5,000. With a smile, I told the boys outside to watch for my face as I walked into the sunshine and took a refreshing breath of cold air.

xo ♥