what a word, world.

I thought it was a joke when a friend on Twitter said the word of the day on Scrabble.com today, Sunday, is...Seems that Hasbro Entertainment has either 1. a sense of humor or 2. no shame. I think it's funny. I went back just now and seems that they have changed it. Ha ha.

oscar winning moves and style

I'm home watching the Oscars with friends and comp unit. It's pretty fun because the Twitter community is ALSO sitting at home doing the same thing as me. It's actually pretty funny. There were screams when Brangelina were first seen. There's heaps of comments about the outfits. I'm following the comments of Tweeps in Toronto.

I've attached a dance solo. My friend said I look like Waldo's girlfriend and I think that is hot. Where is Waldo anyways?

UPDATE on Award Winning Style:
If you didn't know...I'm so cool.
Lady GAGA is a Waldo girl too!

Lady GaGa Sells Out, Goes Corporate

Sporting her Where's Waldo bifocals, mother of pearl necklace and ladylike Isotoner leather gloves, dance diva Lady GaGa left her hotel in Paris looking like she was ready for the sexy secretarial pool at PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

subway dance party 2009: off the trains!!

The Subway Dance Party 2009 was a hit. Jenie & I went. It was fun. There were heaps of peeps. Check out the video for the experience. We went to a Subway Dance Party After Party and it was rocking at 7:30pm. I had a blast. Looking forward to the next Improv Toronto event.

Subway Dance Party 2009 from Casie on Vimeo.