change your perspective

Have you been feeling down? Is the cold weather and season giving you a reason to frown? Have no fear for I am here and we will take that thought and toss it!! Change your perspective. Each day, hour, minute that passes is one closer to Spring, Summer and sunshine. There are a million things to be happy about. Each day is a new day and you have new thoughts and new things come into your life. Be happy about that. I never know from one day to the next what will come up in this online diary. It is exciting for me to write my thoughts down, the memories are what keeps me going. Pictures of the beach and me make me smile too.

"don't want all this cold cold shit "

..'sing it now' this just came on my tunes and oh, how I love this song.

"Throw off your shirt and let's get, Hot hot hot. We've never been, we've never been to the bridge, throw off your skirt and let's begin the rock. I've been to all the places on the block(you can believe it, believe it or not) i like to rock , rock! i like to rock, rock!. Jump right in and in too deep. Throw off your towel and let's get wet wet wet. Bermuda shorts are comin back to town throw off your pants and let's begin the dance. I've been to i've been to all the beaches on the strip and you better believe this shit. I like to dip, dip (x2)

the batch in new zealand. you don't say?

I'm watching the Bachelor, well listening to it while I do things around the house. Anyhow, one of the destinations for the show that is on next episode is New Zealand. Looks to me like they are in the beautiful and warm North Island where they take a helicopter flight over the massive hill ranges followed by a bungy jump, Possibly in Taupo? I watched Dad bungy jump there when I was 12. I wanted to do it so bad. You had to be 13. I'm still upset about it. Most of my family lives in New Zealand and they are cool. I have Canadian & New Zealand citizenship which is very lucky, thanks to Mum & Dad!! If you are looking for the best trip of your life and a way to show yourself how awake and alive you are, get moving and plan a trip to the Land of Plenty!!

oh god, giving feels so good!!

I was more than glad to help out a friend when he told me about Networking for a Cause in December 2008. Daniel and friends raised over $3,000 in only 30 days to help families in need buy Christmas presents for their family through the Hospice of Peel Charity organization. This event was the first of a tradition that he is starting and I look forward to helping out again next year. Daniel is a very inspiring individual involved in social media & networking. Daniel is sure to shine in 2009!!

for pigeons sake!!

There are PIGEONS in my office.
We have a big loft and they are flying around.
I'm more afraid of the pesky little dirt birds than I ever imagined. They are scary with their beady little black eyes and dusty, dirty feathers. OMG. I was feeling triumphant and unstoppable, I feel like I'm about to have a little (or not so little) bird perch on my shoulder or even worse...on my head!!
Omg. Please don't shit on me guys!

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