making a mark on the globe

I recently did an interview with Sheryl Steinberg for an article in the Globe and Mail. The article is about women and applications & accessories they use to suite their female needs & wants in a smartphone. I currently this theme and a custom skin I made on the back. One of most interesting things I find about this article is the comments on the online version! People feel so free so say whatever they want online and remaining anonymous. I think that is annoying and cowardly, but I also believe in doing what you feel like. I like to know who's who and I always comment as myself.

Sheryl let me know I was happy to learn that she has a new book coming out that's about "learning to be a modern woman in a wireless world"; I'm thinking chick-lit meets technology and starts talking nerdy?

setting up for the world

I arrived on location at about 11am on Saturday. It was mighty windy and most of the team was already in motion. We had to make sure all was going to stay put with the wild wild wind!

We successfully got the backdrop in a safe place! Ha ha wind, you are no match for a team of do-gooders. Look at @d_hock, no one can stop him.
Erin & Dan were fueling the online excitement and tweeting awesome stuff like this, this and this.
I was doing chalk art. I was in heaven. Nothing more fun than being part of a team when you get to do one of your favorite things ever. Did you know they have crayola spray chalk for kids now? It didn't work that well so I stuck to the old school drawing style.