making a mark on the globe

I recently did an interview with Sheryl Steinberg for an article in the Globe and Mail. The article is about women and applications & accessories they use to suite their female needs & wants in a smartphone. I currently this theme and a custom skin I made on the back. One of most interesting things I find about this article is the comments on the online version! People feel so free so say whatever they want online and remaining anonymous. I think that is annoying and cowardly, but I also believe in doing what you feel like. I like to know who's who and I always comment as myself.

Sheryl let me know I was happy to learn that she has a new book coming out that's about "learning to be a modern woman in a wireless world"; I'm thinking chick-lit meets technology and starts talking nerdy?


Unknown said...

Cool article, saw it on Saturday as I flew over the country jonesing for Internet access so I could blog and Twitter . . . will check out the book.

CASE STUDY said...

Thank babe!! I think it's important for tech companies to realize the power/importance of women and their gadgets!