setting up for the world

I arrived on location at about 11am on Saturday. It was mighty windy and most of the team was already in motion. We had to make sure all was going to stay put with the wild wild wind!

We successfully got the backdrop in a safe place! Ha ha wind, you are no match for a team of do-gooders. Look at @d_hock, no one can stop him.
Erin & Dan were fueling the online excitement and tweeting awesome stuff like this, this and this.
I was doing chalk art. I was in heaven. Nothing more fun than being part of a team when you get to do one of your favorite things ever. Did you know they have crayola spray chalk for kids now? It didn't work that well so I stuck to the old school drawing style.


Mel Carrey said...

Hey girl! Great blog. I met you at the event Saturday , I was with Scott Jackson the beatboxer. You were great fun- and great boots ;) xo